Eclectic Plate Wall Tutorial

Eclectic Plate Wall Art

 For a while now I was trying to come up with an idea for my empty wall space in my dining room. I wanted something random & eclectic. I brainstormed a few ideas such as hanging antique colanders & antique kitchen utensils, which would still be a great idea, but then I was inspired by The Nesting place’s random plate wall. Just the idea of an eclectic mix of white plates on a wall makes me a happy girl! So here is my adventure into hanging plates on a wall.. 


Wall Before…

As you can see the wall above my cute little yellow bench was bare & needed some art work to liven the place up!

To get started…

This is what a plate hanger looks like.. I had no idea until yesterday that this is what a plate hanger was, so for those of you who are like me.. this is a plate hanger in all it’s glory. Be sure to measure your plates before you go purchase your plate hangers, which I found at Lowe’s by the way for $2.98 a piece. They have different sizes, so know your plate sizes before you go. Lesson learned.

Plate Progression…

Cell phone picture of how I started. I layed all the plates on the floor to get an idea of space & placement.. as you will see, This is no where near how the final product looks.

The first plate was a little scary to hang, not going to lie, it’s hard putting holes in your brand new house’s walls!

Progressing… Sorry about the bad picture quality & crooked plates as I was working.. It was night time & the lighting was awful.. & I was more concerned with placement not making them straight.

This is where I was stumped. I liked it. But it wasn’t quite right, I wanted it to look more eclectic & less organized. Does that make sense?

Behold, eclectic plate art…

Finished Product….


I hope you all love my eclectic plate wall art as much as I do! I am sure I will do some more re-arranging of the plates soon, and even add some more. But for now this is the final product & I will keep you updated on any future eclectic plate wall art changes!! Thanks so much for stopping by & don’t forget to go to Liz Marie Blog Facebook to chat, share ideas, see updates that don’t make it to the blog & more! Have a great day!!
I don’t know about you, but I LOVE this wall art! Check out some more of these fun ideas!

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