Fall Closet Organizing Guide

Forget Spring Cleaning, Fall Freshening is here right now.  Swapping out swimsuits for ski clothes, is the thing to be working on.   According to a recent Apartment Guide survey, 80% of people reorganize/clean out their apartment between summer and fall. Topping the list of most difficult tasks were putting away clothes and cleaning out closets, both of which can be stressful and cumbersome projects.   But don’t fret;  we’ve got some tips to help you out!! 

 Fall Closet Organizing Guide
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Fall Closet Organizing Guide

Apartment Guide Fall Freshening Survey Findings

Top 5 Most Difficult Tasks in Organizing an Apartment

1.       Putting away clothes (laundry baskets don’t count as put away!! Bummer)

2.       Cleaning out closets

3.       Reorganizing bookshelf accessories/items

4.       Overhauling the pantry

5.       Getting rid of magazines

    • 80% of people surveyed reorganize/clean out their apartment between summer and fall
    • 54% of people surveyed switch out their wardrobe seasonally
    • 51% of people  surveyed said that “cleaning out their closet/putting away clothes” was the most difficult task in organizing an apartment
    •  39% of people surveyed do a BIG apartment clean once a month; 31% of people surveyed do a BIG apartment clean seasonally

Tips from Apartment Guide Contributor & Organization Expert Lisa Zaslow

Cash in Your Closet: During your Fall Freshening, make money and space by selling what you aren’t wearing.

o   Did you know, you’re probably not wearing 80% of the clothes in your closet.   That is a LOT of wasted space!  Sell it!

o   According to the re-sale store Buffalo Exchange, you can make at least $15 on every item you bring to them to sell.

o   $7,000 of unused merchandise sits in a typical American household.  Did you know you were sitting on a gold mine?  Neither did I!  Cash in that clutter.

Make Mobile Work for You & Your Closet On the go:

  •  Use Tradesy or  Pushmark app to sell clothes you no longer want and make cash!
  • Unsure about what clothes to keep or sell? Try Stylebook app – to track how often you wear things and how much you’ve spent on clothes.
  • Still on the fence? Share images with others to crowd source whether something should stay or go.
  • Use the Closet app and plan outfits ahead. Stop spending hours every week standing in front of your closet wondering what to wear!

Save on Time (WOW, this will blow your mind!)

  • Time spent organizing your closet pays off quickly. The average American wastes 55 minutes a day looking for things around the house that’s about 6.4 hours a week and roughly 335 hours a year – you could binge-watch all six seasons of Lost and still have time left over!
  • De-cluttering your closet will save you time later on. Getting rid of excess clutter eliminates 40% of the housework in an average home!
  • How many times have you re-folded clothing because it didn’t get put away, or re-washed something because it was too wrinkled from not being folded and put away? When your closet is finally organized, you can easily put things away.  Spending an extra 60 seconds a day to put away clothes can save you hours each month!
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  1. Cash in the closet. That is me. I wear about 1/4 of the cloths and some things in there still have tags. Next rainy day we have is going to be spent reorganizing.