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Is your closet and drawers overflowing with clothes? Does it take you a while to find everything you need to get dressed every morning? Try these 10 simple but effective clothing organization tips to eliminate clothing clutter and keep your closet and dressers neat and organized!

1. Fold T-Shirts in Horizontal Rows

Instead of folding t-shirts and putting them into vertical rows in your drawer, try putting them in horizontal rows so that you can see every single t-shirt when you open your drawer. It’ll also look so much more tidy and organized!


2. Hang Up Boots on Skirt Hangers

Long boots can be hard to store and organize, since they can flop over and cause a mess on your closet floor. Solve this problem with this clothing organization tip: hang them up with skirt hangers that come with clips. This will also help keep the shape of your boots intact throughout warmer (and non-boot) weather.


3. Organize Scarves with Shower Curtain Rings

You’ll need a hanger (a strong wooden hanger is recommended) and shower curtain rings. Slide the curtain rings across the bottom of the hanger and put a scarf in each ring. This clothing organization tip would also work for tank tops and baseball hats.


4. Plan Out Kids’ Clothes for the Week

Make your mornings much easier by planning out your kids’ outfits for every day of the week. Use clothing tag labels made from cereal boxes and decorative paper and label them by the days of the week. Have your kids choose their outfits on Sunday and they’ll have one less decision to make during the morning rush. If you’d prefer to fold the clothes, a hanging organizer is another clothing organization tool that you could use to plan out outfits for the week.

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5. Display Purses on a Curtain Rod

Take care of your purses and give them a home by putting up a curtain rod on a wall in your room or closet. Mount the rod on the wall and hang the purses on it by lifting the rod from the brackets. So easy and the result is really nice-looking!


However, if you have lots of smaller purses and clutches, mounted wire baskets might work better to corral your purse collection.


6. Show Off Baseball Hats

If someone in your family has a collection of baseball hats, they’re probably proud of it and want to show it off. However, baseball hats can be hard to display and are too easily thrown into a messy pile in a dark corner. Organize all these hats by gluing clothes pins on a skinny wood board and then pinning up the hats.


7. Organize Kids’ Shoes

Tiny shoes are easily scattered all over the house, especially if you have more than one kid in your home. Try using brightly colored stackable bins, one color for each kid, for small shoes. This clothing organization tip would work great in a bedroom closet, a coat closet, or in an entryway.

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8. Keep Pants Out of the Drawer

Pants, especially work pants and trousers, can become wrinkled when they’re hidden away in a drawer. Hang your pants on this wall mount trouser closet organization tool and make it easy to find the pair you want every morning, wrinkle-free!


9. Take Control of the Underwear Drawer

Do you just smash all of your underwear in a tiny drawer and struggle to close it everyday? Solve that problem with this cute diamond drawer organizer. Fit in one or two undies per compartment and close your drawer easily. This could be a good opportunity for you to go through your collection and throw out any old underwear.


10. Hang Up Belts on a Hook

Have a nice collection of belts? Hang them on a hook or a double hook on a wall in your closet or another hidden spot. It’s easy to organize all of your belts, browse through to find what you need, and grab the one you want.


Here’s to a more organized life, starting with our clothes! What do you think of these clothing organization tips? Do you have a clothing organization tip to share with us?

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