5 Tips for Better Car Organization

5 Tips for Better Car Organization - Tipsaholic

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You spend a fair amount of time in your vehicle, which means it’s susceptible to messes and disorganization just like your home. Why not invest a little bit of time to organize your car? This will help make running errands and taking your kids to their various activities go much smoother. You’ll also be prepared in case of an emergency. Here are five tips for better car organization.


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Make a DIY Car Kit

Ashley from 7th House on the Left shared how to make an awesome DIY car kit on IHeart Organizing. She uses a solid wicker basket to hold essentials like a first aid kit, tire repair kit, duct tape, bottled water, and warm blanket. She also organized all her important car-related papers (e.g. insurance card, owner’s manual etc.) in one folder to keep in the glove compartment. Taking the time to make a car kit will not only help you stay organized, it will also ensure you’re prepared in case of an emergency.

DIY Car Kit


Invest in Back Seat Organizers

Kids often need entertainment while riding in the car. Invest in back seat organizers to hold their toys, coloring books, and snacks. You can find many options to choose from on Etsy. If you’re adventurous and crafty, you can sew your own back seat organizers. Jennifer from Sewplicity has a great tutorial that shows how to customize the size based on your vehicle’s seats.

sewplicity back seat organizer


Use a plastic cereal container as a garbage can

If your car is clean, it’s much easier to keep it organized. Garbage is one of the biggest culprits that leads to a messy car. A simple fix to this problem is to use a plastic cereal container as a garbage can. You’ll thank yourself for implementing this inexpensive solution.

cereal container as garbage can


Organize your trunk with shower caddies

Heidi from The Castro HAPPYnings has one of the most organized car trunks I’ve ever seen. Her secret to keeping her mini-van clean and orderly is plastic shower caddies over the backs of her seats. The plastic pockets are filled with necessities like wipes, sunscreen, and much more. You can typically find inexpensive plastic shower organizers at your local Target, dollar store or online.

trunk organization


Keep a large canvas bin or tote in the trunk

Keeping a large canvas bin or tote in the trunk will help keep your car organized while grocery shopping or running errands. Instead of just throwing your bags in the trunk, put your purchases in the bin to keep them from rolling around and dumping out. If your items aren’t too heavy, you can simply carry the tote inside with you and unload to save on multiple trips back to the car. This post on thekitchn.com shares 10 different bin options to choose from.

large canvas bin or tote in trunk

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