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Did you know that it should take you no more than 10 minutes to find a needed item in your bathroom – less for more frequently used items?  If it’s a trek into the Bermuda Triangle to locate your round brush, you might benefit from some bathroom-specific organization.  Tip-top organization can seem a daunting task – especially when you’re on a budget – but it doesn’t have to be!  Check out these tips for making-over your bathroom on the cheap, and show off your master organizational skills!

Budget Bath Organization

1. Think double duty.  If you’re short on space and trying to stick to a budget, there’s no room for knick-knacks.  Make your organization pull twice it’s weight as ACCESSORIES.  When considering your organizational options, be mindful of form AND function.  Pay special attention to the style and feeling you’re trying to bring to your bath and make sure that all of your organizational choices complement each other.  Containers, baskets and shelves are a great way to bring pops of color into the room.

2. Think outside the box.  That is, outside the bathroom walls.  Behind the plaster and drywall, there are studs, and between those studs is – you guessed it – SPACE!  Lots and lots of unused space.  Consider opening up a box or two right within the existing walls and taking advantage of the hidden space there.  Quality DIY built-ins don’t have to be complex or cost a bundle.  With some trim and bead board, paint and the right tools you can have shelves without giving up space.  Check out this towel cubby from This Old House.

3. Think about the big picture.  Leave no stone unturned, or space unorganized.  Most people think about storing things under the sink, in the cabinets, and in cute containers on the counter.  But what about the wall space above the toilet or mirror?  What about the back of the bathroom door or the inside of the cabinet doors?  You can even mount a shelf above a shower head.  Here’s a cute idea for a storage shelf under a large mirror, but up off of the counter (from BHG).  Don’t shortchange yourself – there’s a lot of “hidden” space just staring you in the face.

5. Think UP.  If you confine yourself to “normal” organization – counter space, cabinets, shelves – you not only limit your organization, but your creativity as well.  Almost anything can be hung directly on the wall to create niches and nooks.  Think about hanging a series of baskets instead of shelves.  Or use a framed magnetic makeup board for your cosmetics, instead of taking up an entire drawer.  You can even frame your toothbrushes, as seen on Vintage Revivals!

6. Think green.  What?  Yes, that’s right, GREEN.  As in, reuse!  Take a look at items you already have around your house and try to re-imagine them.  Wooden spice rack make great shelves for small items and mason jars or wide vases are great for corralling like-items together – everything from cotton balls to nail polish.   In fact, you can use just about any container – vintage metal tins, old cans you’ve painted, glass or wooden bowls – to display and store things within easy reach.  An unused hanging wine rack can house rolled-up, clean towels.  And every bathroom has empty toilet paper tubes!  Turn them into something useful and use them to keep cords untangled, like Our Thrifty Ideas did.  In short, use what you’ve got!


For even more specific tips and tricks, check out this post from Remodelaholic!

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