Tips for Organizing Kids Closets


Tips for Organizing Kid’s Closets

1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind. For your child’s favorite clothes keep them nice and close. There is no point in keeping those items out of reach. Just a few hooks, or a small basket within reach so that the kiddos can grab these things and go. It will also help to keep these items off the ground if your child can help to put them away easily!

2. Repeat: Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Don’t feel the need to keep out of season items in view, it will just be cause for extra child parent battles, or for extra mess in the space. So go ahead and put it out of reach inside a box.

3. Box it Up: Keep a look out for great boxes and baskets of different shapes and sizes, they are terrifically handy for closet storage. Whatever your shelving options are, there’s sure to be something to fit.

4. Purge Seasonally: Kids grow like weeds. Be sure that with each seasons change you also purge all the excess clothing that either no longer fits. I find that is the only way to keep my kids closets to a minimum which helps control the mess.

Follow these other great tips for organizing kids closets.

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