These are a few of my favorite things…

These are the things that have made my home better, my family life easier and just bring me joy!

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Grocery Delivery

Walmart+ has been life-changing for our family! Quick and easy delivery of exactly what we need.

Meal Plan Boxes

We’ve tried them all, and this is the most affordable box with options we all enjoy.

Disney Travel

We love visiting Disney, and we always check here first for best prices on Disney hotels, transportation, and tickets.

Green Cleaning

Easy regular shipments of green cleaning supplies — plus a free gift every month!

Lately We’re Loving…

Remodelaholic Home Favorites


Smart Home Tech Picks

WiFi Enabled Washer and Dryer

When our washer and dryer died, we went shopping for a new set and decided ided that we would go back to top load. It’s not as pretty when it comes to a counter top above the machines, but otherwise, I feel like top-load washes better and you avoid that washer rot stench that happens with front loaders.

One feature that we decided was super important was wifi enabled, and I am telling you, this is the best feature since sliced bread. I am not kidding, getting notifications when your load finishes gives you 95% more efficiency: no forgetting a load and having to rewash, no wasting time when you have a marathon washing day. It is SO worth it!

Color Changing Smart Lighting

Our smart Wifi lighting options are such nice additions to our home. They work with light switches, but can also be changed or managed from the phone app.

My favorite is our under cabinet kit that we installed on top of our cabinets and have set on a schedule. It gives the perfect amount of light at night to avoid needing to turn on a light.

Remote Control Plugs

Our last house had NO central lighting and the rooms were dark. (Thanks, builders of past decades!) We had lamps and sconces but going around the room and turning on each light one by one was so frustrating.

Ultimately I found a remote control plugin system and it saved our lives. We 3M’d it to the wall next to the light switch and we just turned all our lights on or off from one central location. Now that we have moved from that house I STILL use these all over the place for additional lighting options in rooms. For fans, anything really… its great.

Wi-Fi Enabled Water Sensor

Our basement flooded last year on the weekend of New Years. In the middle of winter, our water heater had just failed — a fairly common problem, but we found out that the concrete work was not done well and the water flowed away from the drain instead of to the drain as intended. It ended up being fine, but if we had known sooner (hence the wifi flood warning), we could have saved a lot of extra stress and annoyance.


Foodie Favorites

As you’ve probably seen — we are Foodieaholics as well as Remodelaholics! Here are some of our favorite foodie kitchen gadgets, recipe books, and meal planning helps.


Home Freeze Drying Machine

This is a super expensive investment, but I love our home freeze dryer!

You will need a separate vented room for this (it is SO LOUD) but it is by far one of my favorite purchases of all time. I tend to be a bit of a prepper so I like making our own food storage. I also love that you can make candy for your kids to sell – helps offset the initial cost! Overall a great machine.

Meal Planning Hacks for Busy Remodelaholics

The question I dread most in the world is what is for dinner. However, I do love to cook (mostly desserts) — just not when I am knee deep in projects or work here on the blog.

So, I have to tell you I LOVE meal kits. With tweens in the house it is a great way for them to be included in the cooking. And the planning is almost non-existent. We have literally tried pretty much ALL the meal kits that are available. For the most part I have liked them all for different reasons.

The ease of meal planning kits is great, but the biggest benefit to me has been learning new techniques, recipes and oddly enough sauces. Sauces, dips or glazes — you guys, this was not part of my vocabulary before but it certainly is now!

Here’s the dish on our favorite meal planning kits + helps:

  • Blue Apron was our first meal kit and we have learned so much from them about sauces and recipes, from demi-glazes to chimichurris.
  • Blue Apron been my favorite meal plan for learning new recipes and expanding my chef skills.
  • Currently we are using this service intermittently. (And I will say I love the add on lunch options especially when we are super busy.)
  • EveryPlate is the most affordable meal plan option we have found, and the food is good and fast.
  • My only complaint was that it can be less imaginative for weekly recipes: there is always a burger option, a flatbread version, and a chicken breast something. (You may actually love this but I like a bit more variety weekly.)
  • However I will say that I think their variety has increased lately, and they have add-on options which I really love the idea of.
  • If you don’t want to go to the expense of preportioned meal kits (that never have left overs) then eMeals is a great alternative.
  • You pick your recipes, based on dietary needs, pantry items or time constraints. Then you can have your groceries delivered by importing your shopping list into a local grocery shopping app (all within the emeals app).
  • Meal planning with eMeals is more affordable than meal kits, just maybe not quite as elevated or varied when it comes to recipes (but I also feel that meal kits are becoming less about learning real cooking than they used to be when we first started).
  • Walmart+ is my new favorite alternative to Amazon Prime (though we we do still use both often).
  • Often many basic things are $5-10 cheaper, and you can add it to a grocery order and have it all delivered.
  • There is nothing like realizing you have no milk at 10:00 at night so you order groceries from the comfort of your bed and have them delivered at 8:00am the next day in time for breakfast cereal before the school bus comes. Truly it is such a great option.
  • My favorite pandemic find was Door Dash. Whether you’re busy with projects or other things, dinner delivered to your door is hard to beat.
  • The subscription is totally worth it. (Honestly I’ve had to pause it to keep from ordering too much!) I love the ease of dashing dinner.

Family Must-Haves

Cassity’s Favorites

Justin’s Favorites

  • I like pina coladas
  • Getting caught in the rain

Tween & Teen Girl Favorites

Baby Favorites

baby wearing pack

Kids Favorites

roller blades

Cat Favorites

bean bag bed
self-cleaning litter bo

Some of my favs

Fav Cook Books
  • Pioneer Woman – Super Easy
  • Instant Loss: On a budget
  • Instant Loss: Eat Real, Loose Weight
  • Instant Loss Cookbook
Blogging Tools

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