Feast for the eyes, and tummy…..

We decided that this year we were going to have a little bit of vacation time, during our vacation. Most of you would think this is a given, but for those of you that visit family on their vacations it is less like a vacation and more like a solidly scheduled diplomatic meeting and we the delegates of North Carolina must be seen everywhere. But, just like Audrey Hepburn we took our own little Roman Holiday- of sorts.

We went to a water park- Seven peaks, which we forgot to take pictures of, OPPS! Also, we went to Thanksgiving Point to walk through the gardens and eat at one of the restaurants there. We loved the gardens, you should know by now how much we love to photograph flowers and we had a hay-day there.

Did I mention there were a lot of flowers?

Below is the largest man made waterfall in the U.S. (and possibly the world).
It really was huge. I don’t think that the pictures does it justice.
There the path that leads you over the top, and even above what is pictured
there are more smaller waterfalls, that all gather into the larger falls.

My brother just redid the dinner menu for the Harvest Restaurants at Thanksgiving Point! So we had to go check it out and we had the most wonderful meal!
We started off with a Tuscan Flat Bread– that was loaded with grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, and Sevillo tomatoes on a bed of spinach and pesto spread! Delicious!
Then we dove into our individual plates, but I must admit, etiquette wise we fail miserably! We kept trying each others dishes, and were loading food into our mouth hand over fist as well! But it was worth every single bite!
Justin had the Bronzed Salmon Fillet, on a bed of Jasmine rice and vegetable gratin. Can I just say-I love CREAM!
I had the Pan Seared Alaskan Halibut, topped with a pistachio-pesto sauce and orange confit over Yukon gold mashed potatoes. (which in and of themselves where to die for)
We just kept eating and eating and eating. I think we over ate….. (that is a bit of an understatement, but worth it completely!)

After our meal, my big bro took us on a tour if the whole kitchen! It was huge! and totally awesome! I am so proud of my brother! He is a fabulous Chef and think he is doing an incredible job! Take a trip to the Harvest restaurant the next time you can!
We love you Rand!
Thanks for the wonderful meal! We also loved tour your new house, and are so excited to see the remodel progress- did I mention we love to remodel too?*-! (obviously) and had a great time talking with you and Vic! Welcome to the family Vic!

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