Flying Saucer

There are those jobs that I just don’t care to do.

Translation, they don’t get done.

Detailing our car is one of them. I am just not so interested. Seriously though, if you’re that concerned about a perfectly clean car, you can come over and clean it. I will not stop you!!! That said, we do this maybe twice a year. Saturday was the first for this year, but I just had to show one little detail that makes me happy (and Justin especially) This is complements of the power of baking soda (a little dish soap, hot water, and toothbrush action)!!

I had to add these pictures of Buddy. He was majorly concerned when Justin brought in the center unit thingy in our car to clean.

Budster is not allowed on the counter, but water going down the drain fascinates him. This was how he was trying to get away with seeing everything but not being “on” the counter. I think he’s just cute.

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