50 Free Vintage Leaf Images to Print

(41) Betula Lenta via Biodiversity Heritage Library


(42) Betula Carpinifolia Ehrh via Biodiversity Heritage Library


(43) Ticus Ftipulata via Biodiversity Heritage Library


(44) Wenfea Pyramidata via Biodiversity Heritage Library


(45) Grewia Afiatica via Biodiversity Heritage Library


(46) Hortidole via PlantIllustrations.org

Free Vintage Leaves Image 40

(47) Begonia Hybr via PlantIllustrations.org

Free Vintage Leaves Image 34

(48) Begonia diadema Linden ex Rodigas via Plantgenera.org

Free Vintage Leaves Image 33

(49) Begonia discolor x rex cv. clementinae via Plantgenera.org

Free Vintage Leaves Image 32

(50) Calathea bachemiana E.Morren via PlantIllustrations.org

Free Vintage Leaves Image 31

I hope these images inspire you to add some vintage spring landscapes to your home! Go big with a gallery wall or go small with a 5×7 print in a frame – these lovely images are so versatile!

See all of these beautiful vintage leaf prints:

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