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Can you believe it’s Friday, yet again? And the last Friday in February?! I love weekends but every Friday marks the fact that 2018 is flying by! But, lucky for us, Friday also marks the chance to get to share some of our favorite new finds this week in Friday Favorites and Remodelaholics Anonymous link up! We love seeing and sharing great ideas — so send them our way! If you have a blog, you can link up below, and if not, drop us a line here or message us on Facebook.

This week we have some bookshelves and built-ins… and a bit of a controversial opinion to wrap it up… we’d love to hear what you think!

Friday Favorites, Built Ins And Bookshelves And More @Remodelaholic

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Favorite weekend project: Not every project has to involve a long remodel and knocking out walls — sometimes some small changes in one weekend can make a space so much better! Anika’s DIY Life spent a weekend updating the small bathroom in her new home, and the small updates add up to a big difference (and be sure to click over and check out the great new shelf she built, too!)

Weekend Refresh For A Small Bathroom, Anika's Diy Life

Favorite pantry: An organized pantry is my faaaavorite. I probably share a new favorite at least once a month, so check out how Noting Grace took hers from functional basic to farmhouse beautiful!

Farmhouse Pantry Makeover, Noting Grace

Favorite enlightening home decor solution: Skip the nightlight (and keep the outlet available) with these smart wall sockets with built-in LED lights, energy-efficient *and* easy to install.
Built In Nightlight Led Wall Outlet Coverplate, BBB SYL

Favorite kids bookshelf solution: There’s no such thing as too many books… only not enough bookshelves! That’s why we built our built-in bookshelves in our Texas house, and that’s why Abbotts at Home added this smart kid-friendly book storage shelf, so her kiddos can reach the books and they can stay tidier.

Diy Kids Bookshelf Storage, Abbotts At Home

Favorite workspace: @household_no.6 put this space together for the kids, but I’d be happy to work here, too! (via Instagram) That extra long built-in desk is amazing!


Favorite new flooring update: Almost every home in my neighborhood has these ubiquitous beige-ish tiles, and almost everyone I talk to would love to have a new look for that basic tile. Well, Roxanne was giving this bathroom a makeover and found an easy and budget-friendly update: floor stickers! See the details over at The Honeycomb Home.

Floor Stickers To Update Tile Floor, The Honeycomb Home

Favorite easy recycling idea: I love seeing “trash” get put to use (and don’t even get me started on how many of those home reno shows waste perfectly good cabinets for the sake of “demo day” footage!) and Dazzle While Frazzled made this cute fairy garden houses from recycled tin cans!

Recycled Tin Can Fairy Garden House, Dazzle While Frazzled

Favorite book nook: Remember, never too many books! I adore how Bless’er House updated an old armoire into a Narnia-style reading nook for her little girl. So magical!

Armoire Turned Narnia Reading Nook, Bless'er House

Favorite rock-what-ya-got project: We shared a great double pull-out trash cabinet for garbage and recycling in last week’s Friday Favorites, but our reader Jeannette made her own by retrofitting her existing slimmer cabinets to make a built-in sliding trash can. “This is what I did. I had cabinets already there so only one garbage would fit. So I made side by sides. Recycle and garbage and the bags sit behind the can. Along with my extra dish soap ????”

Retrofitted Slim Pull Out Trash Can And Recycling Bin Cupboards In Existing Cabinets, Reader Jeannette Featured On @Remodelaholic

More from Jeannette: “We bought a 1920 house and have torn down lathe and plaster and walls to expand the kitchen since it was a 8×8? Space. So I added several more cabinets and I have plenty of space. These were cabinets that were already there. They had the roll out shelf in the middle like the one I am sending you. So I took off the doors, painted and took off the hinges. I moved the shelf rails down to the bottom and screwed them into place on the floor of the cabinet. The shelf I screwed into the cabinet door. I ended up getting another drawer rail from Lowes. I made a rectangle that was the same size as the bottom shelf perimeter. Screwed that to the cabinet door and added the rails to the sides. Then screwed the other part of the rail to the cabinet walls like there the shelf had been to begin with. And attached the now shelf to both rails. And now I have a pull out cabinet.
I know you can buy the pieces or kit to make one like this, but it was more money and I am a penny pincher.
I guess if someone wanted to do this, they could get a piece of plywood the size of the cabinet space and do the same concept.  I also got the garbages from Lowes for around 4.00 they were skinny enough”

Retrofitted Slim Pull Out Trash Can And Recycling Bin Cupboards In Existing Cabinets Diy, Reader Jeannette Featured On @Remodelaholic

Favorite hardware: Picking knobs and drawer pulls is always a task because there are so many pretty options! Two Feet First built these beautiful shaker drawers for their built-in closet organizer, and the knobs are just the perfect match.

DIY Shaker Drawer Front, Two Feet First

Favorite controversial opinion: Yup, I said it — we’re wrapping up the features with some controversy…. some book controversy, inspired by the beautiful built-ins in this home built by McEwan Custom Homes and featured in our local home show. We love the visual look of turning books backwards, but we understand the opposition, too… what do you think about this trend?


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