Dresser to Bookcase Furniture Remodel

Dresser to Bookcase Furniture Remodel
contributed by Freddy And Petunia
This was the instigating dresser! Parts of her were rough and needed repair, especially a back leg. But in the repairs, I learned how it was originally made, and can recreate parts of the design for Freddy & Petunia– –serendipity!?
Dresser to Book Case Furniture Remodel (1)

I found this “header” piece in Atlanta in January. The story was that “they” were moving this grand sideboard/buffet in the back of a pickup on the highway and didn’t secure it good enough.  Yep—it fell off, got run over by a bunch of vehicles and was destroyed—except for this piece.   And I knew I could do something with it!

Dresser to Book Case Furniture Remodel (2)

This was actually one good-sized window rosette I bought in a ReStore. I bought 2 each of 2 designs thinking they were interesting—and “I could do something with them.”
They were a little too wide, but thisdesign had a natural center, so I cut it in half. Great size now, and it gave me a natural left and a right side!
Dresser to Book Case Furniture Remodel (3)
Here’s the carcass.Dresser gutted, repaired and re-fitted, shelf installed.  Hutch top roughed out, doors next, and I’ve decided on the hardware!
Dresser to Book Case Furniture Remodel (4)
Back leg now re-built.  Doors finished and installed, and inset with 3/8″ brass chicken wire found in a ReStore for $7.50!   I was going to order it from one of my design catalogs–same piece $89.         (Visit your ReStores! And donate too!)
Hardware installed, but I still haven’t decided on the back panel—beadboard or something else…???
Since the dresser was already painted, and it’s such a big piece, I decided to keep to a “white’ish” color (Farrow & Ball’s Clunch) and “age” it with an over-glaze. There’s a missing shelf in this picture, but you can see all the storage potential!      
Dresser to Book Case Furniture Remodel (5) Dresser to Book Case Furniture Remodel (6)
A real workhorse!
30″ x 7’11″
ps…..a future project will be to re-purpose a cool night stand into an armoire to hold music and movies!
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  1. >YA!!! that's my Catherine. By far that is my favorite piece she has shared.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  2. >Wow! That is better than a piece of furniture that you would spend a couple thousand on! Truly impressive!

  3. This piece of furniture is incredible looking! I would love to see a photo of it in -situ at its new home. Such a great rescue and transformation.

  4. I own a custom furniture shop and have been in the business for 30 years. I’ve seen alot. This makeover is one of the best I’ve seen and definitely the best I’ve seen on this site. Very nice!