Friday Favorites: Modern Dining Room and Fall Wreath

Modern Dining Room, Fall Wreath And More Featured On Friday Favorites At

Hello there! Welcome to another week of Friday Favorites and Remodelaholics Anonymous! We love seeing and sharing great ideas — so send them our way! If you have a blog, you can link up below, and if not, drop us a line here or message us on Facebook. Yay, it’s FRIDAY! Let’s celebrate with some Friday Favorites. We have a gorgeous modern dining room and fall decor inspiration. Take a peak and share your new projects below.

Dining Room Plaster Disaster 7

Favorite Dining Table: Plaster and Disaster updated their dining room and this table is awesome. The chairs, the mid-century lines, the color. I love that it looks a little different than  a plain jane dining table!

Diy Storage Chest 3

Favorite Storage Build: Bitterroot DIY has my storage dreams wrapped up in this DIY storage bench build. I love the design and all that space to store all the things.

Rustic Wood Wreath 3 Thumb

Favorite Way to Use Reclaimed Wood for Fall: Fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate for. I think a wreath is a necessary part of essential fall decor. This wreath made out of reclaimed wood by Lovely Etc. is perfect for FALL!


Favorite Way to Display Printables: We love printables around here. There are quite a few ways to display them, but this new shiplap inspired idea by The Cofran Home is pretty cute, and so is that printable.

Traditional Industrial Laundry Room 29

Favorite Laundry Room Sink: North Country Nest made over her laundry room and it is fabulously industrial. But my favorite part is the sink!! It has so much character.

Painted Furniture Antique Cabinet Makeover Farmhouse Life On Kaydeross Creek

Favorite Way to Style an Update Cabinet: Life on Kaydeross Creek painted an antique cabinet and then styled it in a way that would make Joanna Gaines proud!

10 DIY Power Outage Lantern And Kit From A Repurposed Broken Thrift Store Clock Cabinet By Sadie Seasongoods

Favorite Emergency Preparedness Project: With all the recent hurricanes, fires, and other natural disasters, this power outage lantern is so smart. Sadie Seasongoods used an old clock to make this cool lantern to be prepared for power outages. Smart and stylish.

Favorite Bed: This bed! It is sleek and bold in a simple way. It has a canopy feature without overpowering the room.

Favorite Floral Project: That wallpaper has me in love. I am in love with florals everywhere, but this wall is so feminine and pretty.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my power outage lantern! I wish I could have magically shipped one to everyone affected by Harvey and Irma. I *might* need more coffee…but I’m not seeing the linky button on today’s party? 🙂