25 Fantastic Indoor Herb Garden Ideas + Herb Garden Chalkboard Labels

25 Fantastic Indoor Herb Garden Ideas + Herb Garden Chalkboard Labels

Hello Remodelaholics! We have shared so many favorite projects with you lately, we hope you have been loving them too! Today we are going to be talking about 25 Fantastic Indoor Herb Garden Ideas.

Grey Cabinets In Laundry Room With Cupboard Over Washer And Dryer And Checkered Black And White Bench With Cupboards Underneath

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Recently we shared this Free Kitchen Printable: Watercolor Herb Art Set. We love when decorating is as easy as hitting the print button, framing and hanging. These pieces will fit nicely into any kitchen decor and can be printed a variety of sizes!

Painted Herbs Framed Wall Collage In Black Frame And White Background

If you are going to have beautiful art hanging of herbs, you should probably have some fresh herbs too! We put together 25 Fantastic Indoor Herb Garden Ideas. You can use fresh herbs for so many things, you’ll love these stylish options for keeping them in your home!

Small Rustic Drawers With Plants Popping Out

Another project that we recently shared are these Rustic Wood Wall Bins – An Easy Beginner Build. They are an excellent spot for a vertical/ladder garden. You can place your potted herbs in each bin. We love adding green plant life around our home and this is such a simple and stylish option!

Wall Bins With Plant Shelves For Greenery In Your Home

You can also print out these beautiful Herb Garden Chalkboard Labels for free. It’s a fun way to dress up your herb garden and so simple! Courtney from Paperelli created the free printables so you can make these your own in a matter of minutes!

Green Herb With White Background And Cute Name Tag Labeled Basil

Featured Facebook Fans: Fireplace Makeover

We love the Remodelaholic community! We love sharing our favorite DIY projects with you and we love when you share your DIY projects with us! You are a creative and talented group of people ane we never cease to be amazed at what you create! That being said, one of our favorite albums on social media is the fan photo album on the Remodelaholic Facebook page. And we want more photos! We want to fill it with your creations. We love bragging about your creativity and talent, so please, **show us what you’ve been working on!** Drop us an email at hello@remodelaholic.com or message us on Facebook, you can always send us a photo here, too.

Before And After Of A Brick Fireplace Makeover, Before Brown Brick, After White Brick

Recently we shared this beautiful fireplace makeover from Stephanie. She said,

“For the fireplace bricks I used kilz primer then painted over it with white paint. But you can choose any color you want. I used black satin spray paint for the Fireplace doors clean really well so spray paint sticks to it. Fireplace mantel and cabinets I used general finishes milk paint (lamp black) this paint is absolutely amazing NO SANDING OR PRIMING needed!! Clean the areas your gonna use this paint on with just regular cleaner then use any paint brush or roller. Takes 1 coat and boom you done! Get this paint on Amazon they have a lot of choices in color. Hope this helps anyone that’s wanting to freshen up there home.”

It turned out fantastic! We love a good makover and this one is beautiful! Thank you so much for sending it to us and for sharing it!

Check out other DIY projects on our Facebook page to see what others are creating. Visit our Facebook page and check out the fan photos album!

Pinterest Home Inspiration

White Cupboards, Off White Backsplash, Black Countertops, White Flowers With Green Leaves

See and repin this here.

See more inspirational home makeover ideas and tutorials over on our Pinterest Page!

From every room inside your home to every inch of your yard, Pinterest is one of our favorite places to browse for DIY inspiration!! Follow us and see some of our favorite DIY projects and be inspired for your home!

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