Friday Favorites: Pumpkins, Laundry Rooms, and Blankets (Oh My!)

Friday Favorites: pumpkin succulents, beautiful laundry rooms, kitchen conversion charts, and more at

Happy Friday! This is a few hours later than normal, but I’ve got some extra great projects and inspiration to make up for it, from last week‘s Remodelaholics Anonymous party and from around the good ol’ internet. Remember, if you want to see your project here, you have a few options:
  • Bloggers, leave your links (up to 5 different links each week) below at the Remodelaholics Anonymous party
  • Instagrammers, tag #imaremodelaholic to show off your projects
  • Anyone else, drop us a line here to show us your project or message us over on Facebook

And PS: If you have an awesome pallet project, we want to see! We’re planning a whole week of pallet projects later this month, so drop us a line here to show us your project. 

Favorite don’t-paint-it update: I’ll be the first to say that there are some pieces that are better painted than others, but not everything needs painted — and this dresser by Redo It Yourself Inspirations is proof! A bit of stain, molding, and love from Robin turned a boring piece into something beautiful!


Favorite smart kitchen tip: This conversion chart and measuring cup organizer inside the cabinet is brilliant! (original source unknown, found on I Heart Organizing). You can buy a similar decal on Etsy (affiliate link) here


plus get a freebie similar printable version from Jillee over at One Good Thing


Favorite easy art: How gorgeous is this crazy affordable art?! Get it over on Etsy (affiliate link). 


Favorite gray: We shared this kitchen from a local homeshow on Instagram and you all loved it, too! So many great features in one room.


Favorite boys’ room: I love kids rooms that are simple enough to be both stylish AND kiddish, and A Lo and Behold Life‘s boys’ room is just right. 


Favorite sign it’s almost fall (and then winter!): I’m shopping for new throw blankets online. This one (affiliate link) on Amazon caught my eye — best of both worlds, it’s both sherpa and either woven or cable knit (2 different styles). Now I just have to choose which one I want… They’re affordable enough I think I can buy BOTH! 


Favorite easy organizer: Hunt and Host glued together an old wood bowl and and old wood candlestick to keep eyeglasses safe. This would be great for jewelry or keys, too! 


Favorite laundry room: I do have a thing for laundry rooms and this one by TS Adams Studio (via DecorPad) has me drooling! The cabinet color, the sink, so gorgeous! 


Favorite souvenir project: This baseball hat rack The Created Sign shared with us over on Facebook is both great decor and great memories — it’s made from game balls and holds team hats!


Here’s what Karri said about the project: 

Ever wonder what to do with all of those game balls and hats your baseball player earned over the years? One of my twin sons decided he wanted to hang up the baseball hats for every team that he’s played on since T-ball. I came up with several different designs before finalizing what you see below. And we just LOVE it!

We used a 1″ x 4″ reclaimed plank that was already stained and distressed on the edges. You could use any piece of wood, but I would recommend a height of at least four inches so you can see some of the wood once you hang the hats. The plank we had on hand was 55″ and allowed for nine baseballs. After deciding on the length of wood and number is baseballs, mark off where you want them placed. I would suggest at least six inches between each hole. Also, you will need to place the first ball approximately three inches from the side of the plank.

We used wood screws and drilled holes equidistant apart and manually put the screws in part way from the back. We then used a power screwdriver to drill them the rest of the way into the baseball (that took two of us-one to hold the baseball and one to drill). We hung it up on the wall by screwing it into the wall making sure at least one was anchored in a stud.

Favorite colorful room: Master bedrooms can be anything you want them to be — serene, colorful, bold — and Anika’s DIY Life‘s looks lovely! 


Favorite pumpkin use: Simply Happenstance shared these succulent pumpkin centerpieces (plus the how-to!), and now I want to make one for everyone I know! Such a cute marriage of our favorite succulents with a seasonal pumpkins. 


Favorite chalkboard: How cute is this chalkboard medicine cabinet by Raggedy Bits? It was NOT so cute when Sam picked it up.



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