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Today’s post is a special GIVEAWAY in partnership with Greenworks!  So AWESOME!

SO, mowing the lawn is one of my very favorite things to do.

Yes I just said that.


I actually mean it!

I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out.  Here are the 5 benefits of mowing my lawn

  1. I could mow while listening to a motivating or uplifting podcast.
  2. Get a pretty decent workout in – seriously so much better than a whole bunch of squats and lunges with nothing but sore muscles to show for it! (see 4)
  3. Get a bit of sun… not that I tan, but I dream of it happening someday, maybe just once.
  4. When I was done I had the pride of seeing something beautiful for my effort.
  5. For an hour or so, I was free of distractions (i.e. watching the kiddos and answering 8,567 questions) GOLDEN!

Well, since if you live anywhere in the wintery mountains like me, mowing a lawn in dreamy podcast land is a pipe dream… since it is covered in 6 inches of frozen icy white stuff…and not the good white stuff, in the middle of an Oreo (name that song!!)

IMG 0162

So imagine my joy, when I recently find out that i could get my dreamy me time back in the winter!  Because Greenworks available at Lowes has a battery operated snow blower!  I am so excited to try it out.  Our winter has been relatively mild, well cold but not a ton of snow, but just enough to be a pain!  And shoveling, is not my favorite thing (especially because we have an office, home and my parent’s home to maintain…. that is a LOT of shoveling!)

Now I will admit, that I tend to be a bit of a baby when it comes to starting a lawn mower (snow blower- well any gas powered yard tool for that matter), which is why lawn tools powered by battery are literally one of my favorite new things on the market… not that they are totally new, but they just keep getting better and better with time as batteries get stronger and smaller!

IMG 3908

Honestly in the not so distant past, I would avoid having to mow the lawn because I ALWAYS flooded the engine trying to start it.  SO FRUSTRATING!!  Then I would have to get my husband to help actually get it to start and it was just deflating.  There is not joy in mowing, when you can’t even start the mower!  And if he wasn’t home, I would just end up angry and sweaty… with no lawn mowed.

So, my battery operated snow blower is on the way… I am so excited to give it a try and tell you guys about it, but the best news is for those of you that want to try a battery operated lawn tool, Greenworks is hosting a giveaway!!

So besides the awesome benefits of free time/workout/podcast land mentioned above…

We love that these tools are built for everyone to use:

  • They are easy to use for all family members (that are old enough to work with power tools!)
  • No tedious tune ups or running to the store to buy gas, or get the right mix of gas
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Better for the environment- cutting down on greenhouse emissions
  • And functionally, there are three levels of tools to meet the needs of your home!

Greenworks tools is graciously hosting a giveaway, along with The Handmade HomeThistlewood Farms, and Lolly Jane.

Giveaway Image2

Three lucky people are going to win $300 each towards Greenworks tools of their choosing! All the details on how to do that are below!

• To enter, simply jump over to the Greenworks tools Instagram site and follow them.

• Then ‘like’ the giveaway image (similar to the above image) and you’re entered.

• Want more chances to win? Simply tag a friend in their Instagram post. Every friend you tag gains you another entry. So like the photo and tag 1o friends, you get 11 entries. Tag 15 friends and you get 16 chances to win! See how that works!?

The contest winners will be picked on 2/1 at 3 pm EST. Tag as many as you want until then. May the luckiest of ducks win, and we can’t wait to share more with you about these fun tools!

Be sure to check out the Greenworks tools at your local Lowes!  Good Luck!

Snow Blowint Hte Yard

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