Goodbye Wallpaper Yacht Club Border, Hello Crown Molding

Bye-Bye Wallpaper Border, 
Hello Crown Molding
contributed by Hazardous Designs

Ahhhhh, heaven. 
That’s how it feels after finally spending a night in our new bedroom after nearly 8 weeks of tearing down wallpaper, repairing plaster, painting walls and trim, and installing crown molding. Bye bye yacht club, hellooo Hotel Hazard.
Here’s a reminder of what the room looked like before: 


And now… 

And now…

And now…



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  1. >Gorgeous!

    Is that the ceiling door that brings down the stairs to the attic??? If so, what did you use to put on the door (the slats???)


  2. >Ahhh seeing this gives me energy to keep picking away at all the nasty wallpaper in my house! Gorgeous.

  3. >Thanks for the nice comments everyone!
    Kolein, The "slats" is actually a beadboard panel. We used it to cover the hole that was left in the ceiling when we removed the "embedded" ceiling light fixture (in the previous photo).

    Carrie (Hazardous Design)