Guest Bedroom Interior Design Idea

This beautiful guest bedroom interior design HAD to be shown off.  It is just too lovely  for words!  Seriously, it is so wonderful, I would love to have a guest room like this, and I think I would just hang out in there to read and admire the beauty of it…. Anywho, this lovely project is from Lindy @ Cottage Hill, and you need to read how she made the tie backs for the drapes, pure genius!  This is her post:
Guest Bedroom Interior Design Idea
I love a pretty little guest room.  
I decorated this one with a couple of my favorite 
little guests in mind…
Grandtwins Aubrey & Chloe    
The furniture was a hideous shade of mustard gold.  
That would explain why I paid only $250 for all 4 pieces!
 I made the tie backs out of flattened coke cans —  promise!
Just cut the shapes out, scored the details, spray painted red, gold leafed and antiqued.  
Sounds like a future tutorial …





I found this pair of oil paintings for $50.  
They’re old (the patina’s real) and in less than perfect 
condition but I love them any ol’ way.






Ask these two to do something they really don’t want to do?
Chloe immediately holds up her finger to show you 
she can’t (she has a hang nail) and 
Aubrey states flatly, “I can’t want to, honey”!  Silly girls…
Isn’t that the most beautiful room you have seen in a while?!  
I am totally in awe, what is your favorite part?

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  1. >Those girls look like angels….. and the room is awsome….. amazingly beautiful….. every detail is wonderful……. i wish i could have a room like that here in my house.

  2. >Thank you, Cassity, for "putting me on"! I'll have to tell the girls that, as of today, they are hot celebs! Now they will never clean their room…

  3. >How could you only pick one favortie part? Just so adorable! I would love to see a tutorial on the tie backs. Thanks for the great blog!

  4. >That is a gorgeous room! Any guest would love staying there. And seriously, those coke can tie-backs…how talented are you!!!!

  5. >Oh My Gosh!! Love the room. The colors are awesome. I can not believe you made the tie backs with soda cans. Too Much. Love, love, love it all.