Home Sweet Home on a Budget: Linkup Features & MASTER BEDROOMS

It’s the first Friday of the month, and that means I get to do two fun things: show off some of my readers’ projects from last week’s linkup party, and introduce this month’s room….it’s a big one….drumroll please…..THE MASTER SUITE!

First, a big shout-out is in order to everyone who linked up their projects/rooms to the Kids Bedroom Linkup last week! All the links were amazing! As I clicked through to look at them, I was so impressed with how very, very good all of you are at working within your own budget limits to make beautiful and functional rooms for your families. I can appreciate how much creativity and hard work that takes, and I wish I could tell each of you personally how proud I am of what you’ve accomplished.

I’d love to say what I liked about every single project that linked up, but that would be a very long post! I’ve picked a couple of my favorites to share, but rest assured–you’ve all been noticed and don’t be surprised if you get an email from me encouraging you to submit your rooms here to be featured in a guest post.

Here are some of the rooms that really caught my eye:

With two little girls of my own, I admit that I’m always eager to get a look at how other moms are making the best of shared bedroom space. The thing that impressed me about this room for two at Life on Circle Avenue was that they took a challenging space and really made it work for their needs. Great job!

Um, did I miss this amazing pirate room from Batchelors Way going viral on Pinterest earlier this year? This room is so, so, SO incredibly fun that I want this family to adopt me. Run, don’t walk over to this site and check out all of the amazing details that went into the creation of this room. Wow.

There are so many things I love in this bedroom design by I Heart Organizing, but this tree totally makes the room. 3-D blossoms? Yes, please! And how fun that it was a surprise makeover!

This bedroom from Simplicity in the South was designed for two teen boys. It blows out of the water any idea that decorating for older boys is boring. Click over to view details like the chalkboard wall and how the lockers got that aged patina. You’ll be so impressed.

Now that it’s October, it’s time to continue our budget-friendly tour of the house down the hall from the children’s rooms to the Master Bedroom Suite. In the coming weeks, I’m going to be sharing impressive (but inexpensive) ideas from around Blogland for sprucing up the grown-up haven in your house. I’m on the hunt right now for great examples of bloggers DIYing master bedroom decor and/or master bathroom renovations in shelter magazines, catalog’s and designers’ sites.

To kick off the theme of each month, I like to share some fun inspiration photos. These rooms may have been designed and decorated by professionals, with wads of cash in hand, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use them as a jumping off point for our own projects. And who knows? You just may see something in one of the following photos that makes you say, “Hey, I could paint/sew/tile/make this myself!” (Which, FYI, would be perfect to linkup at the end of this month during the Master Suite Linkup, Oct. 26-29.)

And now for some decorating/designing eye candy…


House of Turquoise

Carole Ree Design

House of Turquoise

Marcus Design


Zsa Zsa Bellagio
Stay tuned…next week I’ll be featuring Master Bedroom Makeovers by bloggers like you!
Post feature pic courtesy Better Homes & Gardens

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  1. What fun to find my kids bedroom on your post today! Thanks for your sweet personalty that comes across so well on a your blog.

  2. Wow! Some of these pictures are super inspiring! I won’t participate as I’m only beginning my house renovation and the master bedroom will probably the last to be redone. BUt I’ll sure come and visit everybody’s master bedrooms to get lots of ideas!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my son’s room! I’m am totally flattered that my laundry room reveal was chosen last month and now my boy’s shared bedroom! I am trying to talk myself out of working on my master bedroom now. Lol! I really enjoy your blog!