I am a Pin-head! The Pinhead Project

I told you the other day I would explain a little idea I had and here it goes.  
I have been on Pinterest a little too much, I pretty much have like 8,000 pins or something.  And that means that I need to start using these ideas, and not just be a hoarder.  I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to do a project a day for a month…” then I got realistic… and thought “Once a week…” and then I woke up from that dream and realized, “Once a month… and it was just right!”
Okay, so here is the deal, I am going to try to do one project a month from my Pinterest boards.  Because I know myself and my hectic life, I am not excluding testing a recipe, or even dressing up, meaning no paint clothes (maybe if I had to show you pictures of the junk in my trunk, all decked out to the nines I would be more motivated to get back on track)  But seriously I will probably want to keep it more along the lines of what this blog is all about.  BUT each month on the first Monday I will be having a special Pin-head Project Party say that 5 times fast! I am hoping you will join in… (we are going to be shaking things up around here for the next little while, I am feeling bored!- not that I have nothing to do, but that I need some fresh goals )
So next month come show us what projects you’ve been inspired by on Pinterest.  I’ll get you more info as the date gets sooner, for now, pick a project, and get working so you can post about it!
For now, I think I will show you some beautiful kitchens that I have found on Pinterest, since it is unofficially kitchen remodel week at Remodelaholic!

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