Renovating for an Inviting Entryway

Our friends from Cobblestone have some more lovely home renovations to share with you today! Last time was beautiful bathrooms; today they have inviting entryways to welcome you home!
Beautifully Inviting Entryways @Remodelaholic
Changing up the entry to your home makes such a big difference both to you as the resident and to your guests. Trust me — we noticed the difference after all the work we put into our entryway and staircase renovation!
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How to Create an Inviting Entryway
from Cobblestone Development Group

“Welcome home!” is how you deserve to be greeted by your entry-way! It is your homes first impression and an opportunity to set the atmosphere. By keeping your entrance de-cluttered, well-lit, and having ample storage, you’re on your way to an inviting home. These 4 entries were framed with these ideas in mind.
Inviting Entryway (Griffin) @Remodelaholic built-in coat locker cubbies, walnut floor and stairs
Inviting entryway with dark walnut floors and built-in storage (Griffin) @Remodelaholic
An entry-way is the perfect way to start adding your own personal touches. In this foyer we went with a walnut floor finish to set a warm sophisticated mood. We kept on with this theme by adding a small drop-glass chandelier. Oooh, ahhh. We saved some pennies getting this from our local Lowes- a great alternative to Pottery Barn’s version, no one would even know the difference! We placed this same fixture throughout the house to create continuity. Since we had a lot of room to work with we decided to add our own custom built-in storage. This is such a life-saver when it comes this time of year, giving a place to hang heavy winter coats and dropping wet boots off. To finish this space off we gave it a Revere Pewter paint job and lined the room with white molding.
Inviting entryway with dark wood floors - Fendall @Remodelaholic
Another entry with dark wood, this time an Espresso finish. Though it is a rich and beautiful tone, we should warn you that this makes for more visible scratches, something to think about when moving furniture or with pets. It could easily be saved with a sizable rug (another chance to personalize!). This room was begging for some greenery so we went with the low-maintanence Dracaena “Warneckii” that you can find at your local Lowes or Ikea, which balanced the subtle Stonington Grey walls and white trim. The unique lighting was provided by a local Richmond, Virginia lighting company, Shades of Light. We always suggest going local for these smaller details. It gives you a chance to explore, support local, and keep your space unique.
Inviting open entryway (Hawthorn) @Remodelaholic Inviting entryway with wood floors (Hawthorn) @Remodelaholic entryway stair rail (Hawthorn) @Remodelaholic
We liken this entrance to a warm hug. How could you not feel welcomed in this bright open space?! You can feel the history and regality in this home right away with the 11-foot ceilings, the picture molding that we took down and restored, and the roman columns. We were blessed with a beautiful yellow pine floor that we sanded and polished 3 times to ensure it holds up. The room to the left was originally blocked off by a wall that we knocked down to keep it balanced and inviting. The room on the right closes off with the home’s original pocket doors. And to finish it off, at the top of the ceilings is another Shades of Light fixture, an exterior piece that we thought would work better indoors.
Inviting stairs and entry (Norwood) @remodelaholic
What used to be a closed-off entrance to a dingy boarding house was flipped into a beautiful welcome area to a polished traditional home. There were some big changes made in this room starting with knocking down the wall that lined the staircase and adding a landing to create an L-shaped staircase. We also created the rounded arch in the doorway for visual appeal and character. The glass-paned front door lit up this historic property’s yellow-pine hardwood floors that we sanded and polished. Painting the walls a Stonington Grey was the finishing touch that provided a neutral backdrop for hanging art and photos.
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