Inexpensive DIY Herringbone Wood Ceiling Using Pallets

Give your home instant character with a DIY herringbone wood ceiling! This tray ceiling idea is perfect for a modern farmhouse entryway. 

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Diy Herringbone Pallet Wood Ceiling Tutorial For Inset Tray Ceiling, Home Kimprovements On Remodelaholic

DIY Tray Ceiling Update with Reclaimed Wood

We are big fans of interesting ceiling treatments, from the exposed beams in our current house (including the basement!) to a DIY beadboard ceiling and painting the ceiling as the 5th wall of your room.

Any ceiling can be improved by a facelift, but an inset tray ceiling in particular is a great place to add an accent ceiling idea (like this coffered wood ceiling).

A little rustic or reclaimed pallet wood made the ceiling the star of this beautiful entryway by Kimberly from @Home_Kimprovements. (She shared her daughter’s rainbow shiplap wall here recently, too!)

Modern Farmhouse Entry With DIY Pallet Wood Ceiling For Inset Tray Ceiling, Home Kimprovements On Remodelaholic (1)

Pallet wood and other reclaimed wood is great for adding farmhouse style to any room in your home, on a budget — from an entire pallet wood ceiling to a kitchen backsplash or kitchen island, or even a wood headboard or coffee table or wooden TV frame!

Kimberly is our guest today to share how she and her husband installed this pallet wood ceiling in their entryway recessed tray ceiling.

Be sure to see more of her awesome projects and beautiful home over on Instagram, too

How to Install a DIY Herringbone Wood Ceiling

by Kimberly from @Home_Kimprovements

This project was completely free to do!

We found an ad on Craigslist of a small company getting rid of pallets so we helped ourselves to their pile.

Materials and Tools

  • Pallet wood (we used about 10 pallets)
  • Nail gun
  • Finishing nails
  • Air compressor
  • Miter Saw
  • 1×2’s (enough for the perimeter of the recessed space)

Step 1: Break Down the Pallets

We broke down the pallets and cut each piece of wood into 13” pieces and laid out the herringbone design we wanted.

This is the time to put the best side up and make sure the colors in the woods evenly flow across the ceiling. We did not stain ours but feel free to stain or white wash or color wash, if you prefer.

Use Pallet Wood For Herringbone Ceiling Accent In Farmhouse Entryway, Home Kimprovements On Remodelaholic

Step 2: Hang Plywood Backing

We added pieces of 1/4” plywood to fit inside the recessed space so we had something to nail the wood pieces into. These were attached to the ceiling joists (similar to this other pallet wood ceiling tutorial).

Plywood Backing, How To Update A Tray Ceiling Inset With Rustic Wood Pattern, Home Kimprovements On Remodelaholic

Step 3: Install Pallet Wood Slats

We used a nail gun to nail each pallet wood piece into the plywood we installed.

We started around the light hold to avoid as many cuts as possible and worked our way out using the herringbone pattern.

Install A DIY Pallet Wood Ceiling Herringbone Pattern To Update A Tray Ceiling, Home Kimprovements On Remodelaholic

Step 4: Cut Edge Pieces

Once you do all of the pieces before reaching the edge, you will need to cut down all of the pieces to fit the remaining gaps. Don’t worry if there is a small gap next to the wall.

Diy Tray Ceiling Idea, Chevron Herringbone DIY Wood Ceiling Inset Accent, Home Kimprovements On Remodelaholic

Step 5: Add Frame

We framed around the edge to cover up any gaps using 1×2’s and cutting the edges at a 45 degree angle ???? to meet at a point.

How To Install A DIY Wood Ceiling Accent In A Tray Ceiling Farmhouse Entryway, Home Kimprovements On Remodelaholic

Step 6: Decorate

Make everyone look up and admire your ceiling by hanging some pretty wintry paper bag snowflakes! (See the tutorial and more here in Kimberly’s IG Stories.)

White Paper Bag Snowflakes Hung From Entryway Ceiling, Pallet Wood Ceiling For Inset Tray Ceiling, Home Kimprovements On Remodelaholic

Thanks for sharing your skills and beautiful photos with us, Kimberly! Remodelaholics, you’ll love Kimberly’s happy and beautiful Instagram feed and be sure to check out her stories about how they made their own custom closet and also installed this gorgeous full-wall brick backsplash in the kitchen.

Click the link to see the story highlight for each project. 

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  1. Hey! This turned out gorgeous! I noticed that it is in an already recessed part of the ceiling. I’m wondering if you think it would even work and if it would still look good if we don’t have a recessed ceiling. Do you think it would still look good on a normal ceiling? I’m thinking our hallway. Thanks!

  2. How big was the ceiling? Thinking of doing this in my powder room that’s 3’x7’. Wondering how that compares for number of pallets.