Easy Creative Flower Bed and Outdoor Planter Ideas

In your landscaping plans, make room for plenty of flowers! These easy creative flower bed ideas will transform your landscaping, and DIY outdoor planters raise your flowers out of the ground to make a beautiful statement. 

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Easy Creative Flower Bed Ideas

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Adding a flower bed or easy DIY raised garden bed to your yard is a great way to add some interest and customization to your landscaping.

It’s also a great way to take out grass that isn’t thriving (such as under a tree or where the soil is too poor or rocky) like we did when we built this easy raised flower bed for my mom.

Diy Mickey Planter Bed With Landscaping Blocks And Red And White Flowers Remodelaholic

Our flower planter is shaped like Mickey Mouse because we’re all big Disney fans, but you can use the same technique to build a sturdy round planter bed with landscape stone blocks, too.

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We also used similar stone blocks to build a larger retaining wall flower bed in our Canyon House backyard.

and Home Sweet Roman completely transformed the look of her home and added so much curb appeal by replacing a flat flower bed with a raised bed!

Creative Flower Bed Idea, Adding A Raised Flower Bed, Home Sweet Roman

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If you want to add a flower bed without the work of hauling stone blocks, try a kit like this one to build a beautiful tiered raised flower bed. The pieces click together for easy installation!

Tiered Raised Garden Bed With Curved Sides
Get this flower bed kit from Amazon or Home Depot

If you’re putting a flower bed where there once was a tree — you don’t have to remove the stump!

Turn the old tree stump into a flower planter by removing the center of the stump, like this one at This Old House

Creative Flower Bed Planter Idea, Tree Stump Flower Planter, This Old House

or by adding a container garden right on top of the stump, like this one by Lowe’s.

Creative Flower Bed Planter Idea, Tree Stump Container Garden Lowe

To save your back while still enjoying gardening and flowers, you can build an elevated planter box for flowers (or strawberries)

or a whole raised garden table for square foot gardening!

DIY Raised Garden Bed

See more in 30 Raised Garden Beds to Buy or DIY

Old tires can also make a creative flower bed, paint them colorful like this (via Pinterest)

Creative Easy Planter Idea, Cut Tire Flower Planter

or wrap with rope (and, optionally) add a wood base like Addicted to DIY did!

Outdoor Planter Idea, Old Tire Planter With Wood Legs Addicted2DIY

Add some height and variety to your in-ground flower beds with a DIY wheelbarrow planter by The Honeycomb Home

Creative Flower Bed Idea, Diy Tipped Wheelbarrow Planter The Honeycomb Home

or use cinder blocks to add easy “pots” — stencil them like Reality DayDream or use cascading flowers to hide the cinder block!

Easy Creative Planter Idea, Cinder Block Planter

You can also add interest to your flower beds with DIY concrete garden orbs — so easy to make!

Add some vertical flower gardening with a DIY cedar wood monogram planter — it will hold a lot of flowers for your own flower bloom explosion come summer! Our detailed woodworking plans make it easy (and if we haven’t finished your letter yet, request it here).

Or grow flowers on this gothic arch garden arbor trellis that we built with our custom wood garden boxes a few years back — it is gorgeous when covered in vines!

See more raised garden bed and trellises for vegetable gardens  here.

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Easy DIY Outdoor Planters to Build

Some flower beds, like Mickey above, are a feature on their own. But many flower beds will benefit greatly by adding some height and variety. Choose some taller flowers, and also add an outdoor planter to a flower bed to give interest, variety, and height!

How To Create Beautiful Outdoor Pots And Planters | This Mamas Dance For Remodelaholic 30
How to Plant an Outdoor Flower Planter

Adding a tall planter to your beds that have stone, gravel, or mulch — or planting similar flowers and colors ing a planter on your porch or in front of the garage — takes your landscaping up a notch.

Using a planter in a flower bed can also help control weeds and corral those plants that will spread and spread and take over the entire bed if left to their own devices. (Read more about using planters to create a weed-free flower bed at Girl Just DIY.)

Flower Bed Planter Ideas, Weed Free Flowerbed Girl Just DIY

Looking for planters for indoor plants? See 35 DIY planter ideas here.

A tall decorative concrete planter will withstand the weather while also making a great anchor to your flowering landscaping!

or how about an easy DIY tall wood planter?

Build a Tall Wooden Planter |

If you’ve got one board, build a tall hexagon planter to stand on your patio, or to add in a large flower bed.

I love this patio hexagon planter made from a 2x8!

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Try this easy raised cascading flower planter by HerToolbelt. The result is stunning when all the flowers are in full bloom!

Outdoor Planter Idea, Cascading Flower Planter Box HerToolbelt

A classic square wood X planter like this one by MyLove2Create is a great addition to a flower bed or front porch.

Outdoor Planter Idea, Square X Wood Planter MyLove2Create

If you’re landscaping beds with rock or mulch, use a planter that shows a little leg like these louvered wood planters by Woodshop Diaries.

Outdoor Planter Idea, Louvered Wood Planter Woodshop Diaries

These tall pallet wood planters look wonderful in front of the garage, and they’d also make a great cornerstone to put inside a flower bed near the house.

Diy Large Pallet Planter12

See more DIY outdoor pallet planters and ideas here.

Add height to a flower bed setup, on a really affordable budget, with this stacked pot planter and birdbath by Home Stories A to Z.

Outdoor Planter Idea, Stacked Flower Pots And Bird Bath Home Stories A To Z


More creative places to add flower planters:

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