Best Paint Colors for Your Home: BLACK

We have a ton of home improvement and remodeling projects in our future, as we work on renovating the basement apartment we’ve recently moved into.  I’m sure you can understand that I’ve got about a dozen imaginary design boards swimming around in my head right now, as I try to picture how I want all the rooms to look when we’re finished.   Paint colors play such a huge role in the overall feel and design of our spaces, that I thought it would be fun to start a weekly paint color feature.  

Let’s start things off with black, the color that’s not a color.  If you remember from 7th grade science, black is what you get when there’s an absence of light.  Since color comes from light, scientists would argue that technically, black isn’t a color.  But decorators and designers know better!  Black and it’s close relative, gray, are quickly becoming the hot new colors.  In fact, you might have noticed from my kitchen inspiration files that I’m seriously thinking about boarding that trend train.  One thing I’m learning about black?  It’s surprisingly versatile.  Check out the images below and you might start thinking of black in a new light.

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Best Paint Colors for Your Home: BLACK 


Two walls of the kitchen in The Lettered Cottage are painted with black chalkboard paint {various brands}.  A chalkboard wall is a fun way to “test drive” a black wall in your home, since chalk dust tends to soften the dark shade.

At The Velvet Door, the bathroom vanity was painted with MoorGard Low Lustre in Black during a recent renovation.  

Sherwin Williams Black Fox is the name of the dark paint color on these walls at Hello Metro.  These beautiful rooms demonstrate how black can really bring out the detail and beauty of art and trim work when they are in lighter, contrasting colors.

Black is an excellent “neutral” shade to use when painting furniture, like this provincial desk from Simply Chic Treasures.  This is painted with Behr Premium Plus tinted to match Glidden Onyx Black.

Here’s an example of Glidden Onyx Black on the walls, featured at Elle Decor.  The black surprisingly has a grounding effect on this space, where there are so many busy patterns.

The wall painted with Martha Stewart’s Francesca in this bedroom at Robin deGroot Design doesn’t stop the room from looking bright and fresh.  It definitely adds a sophisticated, grown-up look to this bedroom.

Benjamin Moore Graphite was the color of choice in the master bedroom at Life in Grace.  This room proves that you don’t have to be shy about rolling black paint on from floor to ceiling as long as you furnish and decorate with lighter, more feminine colors.


At Home Arkansas features this gorgeous entryway with walls done in black wallpaper (source unknown).  This looks just like black velvet–I want to reach out and feel how soft it is!

Sarah from Clover Lane used Benjamin Moore All Surface Satin Enamel in black to give her ho-hum dining room set a classy makeover.  With distressed edges, it could be something out of a swanky catalog!

The walls in the dining room at Our Fifth House were all white until an Ikat pattern was stenciled on one in Valspar’s Lava.  The addition of the black stencil really makes that accent wall pop!

Featured pic from Hello Metro

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  1. i do like
    the occasional walk
    on the dark side

    these rooms
    with touches of black
    are truly lovely

    a few years ago
    we painted
    our kitchen cabinets black
    and have loved them

    thanks for sharing!

  2. I just painted a nook in our house with chalkboard paint & one of my thoughts was that the chalk would lighten it a bit! Now, I just need to hang my floor to ceiling gallery wall with gold frames, they’ve been arranged on the floor for over a week!

    I also love the bedroom from Life in Grace!

  3. Thanks for these pictures. I’m trying to work up the nerve to paint the south wall of my mostly green living room a charcoal color. The wall has lots of windows, I’m just afraid it’s too many charcoal since the adjacent wall is already charcoal as well a the fireplace wall.

  4. Chicken? Staple black burlap to the wall to get the effect and great texture. I ran mine horizontally and after I hung pictures you hardly noticed the one seam.

  5. My 14 year old son is crazy about New York City. I’ve been kicking around the idea of painting two of 4 walls in his room black and the other two white and putting a NY Skyline mural on his wall behind his bed. I was thinking of black and white pinstriped bedding and maybe some shades of gray here and there. You have inspired me to move forward on this project!

  6. I just love black furniture but I have never thought about painting a room black. Love the black bedroom with all the cream furnishings.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have some black accents and I really love how they “pop”. I was wondering if you’ve ever seen black crown molding. I’d imagine it would bring a really formal feeling.