30+ Raised Garden Beds to Buy or DIY

Raised garden beds can make gardening easier and more accessible. There are elevated varieties, different shapes, sizes, and materials to make gardening available almost anywhere.

Looking for more garden ideas? We have some simple 2×4 outdoor building ideas. Then get in a game of Yardzee with a set of yard dice. And enjoy the views of a new garden in a pallet bench you can build yourself.

DIY Raised Garden Bed by Remodelaholic.com

We love to garden, but it can be hard to find the right place to put a garden, or hard on your knees to have one in the ground. Instead use one of these garden beds to buy, plus we will share our favorite ones to build too.

Garden Beds to Buy

There are lots of places to buy garden beds. We have found some great ones to share with you from some of our favorite places to shop. Some come in a variety of sizes and finishes too.

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  1. Frame It All Garden Bed – Lowes
  2. Azucena Wood Bed with Trellis – Wayfair
  3. Redwood Raised Bed – Wayfair
  4. Cedar Elevated Three Piece Set – Wayfair
  5. Wood Raised Bed – Wayfair
  6. Green Elevated Plater Box – Overstock
  7. Safe Finish Garden Bed – Home Depot
  8. Galvanized Steel Planter – Overstock
  9. Wooden Raised Bed Kit – Overstock
  10. Elevated Outdoor Planter Box – Overstock
  11. Green Raised Vegetable Garden Box – Overstock
  12. Tiered Cedar Bed – Home Depot
  13. Three Pack 4′ x 4′ Garden Bed – Home Depot
  14. Basket Weave Plastic Bed – Wayfair
  15. Espresso Brown Planter – Home Depot
  16. Three Tiered Planter Kit – Overstock
  17. Rectangle Wood Planter Box – Overstock
  18. Vegetable Grow Kit – Wayfair
  19. Raised Herb Garden with Shelf – Overstock
  20. Vinyl PVC Raised Planter – Wayfair
  21. Raised Bed with Wheels – Wayfair
  22. Raised Garden Bed Shelf that is self-watering – Lowe’s
  23. Resined Raised Garden Bed – Wayfair
  24. Wood Raised Garden – Wayfair
  25. Half Barrel Raised Bed – Wayfair
  26. Round Eco Three Tiered Bed – Walmart
  27. Corrugated Metal and Wood Bed – Walmart
  28. Accessible Raised Garden Bed – Walmart
  29. Sectioned Raised Bed – Target
  30. Raised Herb Garden – Target

Click the arrows on either side of the image below to see garden beds.

Garden Beds to Build

Garden beds can be built fairly simply if you want to get a completely custom look.

  1. Elevated Raised Garden Bed
  2. Raised Garden Bed using Retaining Bricks
  3. Scrap Lumber Garden Boxes
  4. More Raised Bed DIY Ideas
  5. Designing a Garden with Beds by Shorties Funny Farm for Remodelaholic

Garden Design Inspiration Ideas

Start brainstorming with some inspiration ideas. There are so many possibilities for designing a garden space in your yard.

Add garden beds around a storage shed or playhouse in the backyard. SLPH 2018 Home 13 Magleby Communties, Photo by Remodelaholic
SLPH 2018 Home 13 Magleby Communties, Photo by Remodelaholic

This first idea is really fun. Add a playhouse, chicken coop, or storage shed and add garden boxes around it. They are on both sides of this little play house. Another nice touch is to add a bench near your garden to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

DIY Vegetable Garden Ideas For Raised Garden Beds And A Bean Trellis, Featured On Remodelaholic

Go big with a bunch of garden beds in a specific area. Add a chicken wire fence, arbor, and walking paths.

Ideas for how to set up a raised garden bed garden featured on remodelaholic.com

Or go for a smaller version of the previous one. Add in boxes in “L” shapes and then add a small one in the middle.

We can’t wait to see how you set up your raised garden beds!

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Grow Your Own Food With A Raised Garden Bed. We Are Sharing 30+ Raised Garden Beds To Buy Or Build Featured On Remodelaholic.com

Find Your Perfect Garden Bed With An Elevated Or Raised Garden Bed Featured On Remodelaholic.com
30+ Raised Garden Beds To Buy Or DIY Featured On Remodelaholic.com
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