IKEA Hyllis Hack: Industrial Wall Planter

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It’s Medina here from Grillo Designs (yeah I know, its a slightly  unusual blog name.. I get asked if I sell grills on a daily basis. FYI I don’t… I might try and upcycle  one though!) . Its my first time writing over here and I’m pretty excited about that! I’m actually from way across the pond in the UK so don’t be too alarmed if I say or spell things differently . They say us Brits have quite a dry sense of humour… if you’ve watched any British comedies recently  and didn’t know wether to laugh or be insulted,  I’m sure you’d agree!

Today I’m sharing an industrial wall planter  that I made from the IKEA Hyllis bookshelf . This planter is situated on my dining room wall – just by the window to ensure the plants get lots of light . My dining room itself is undergoing a complete industrial makeover. I recently make these 3d faux metal letters from cardboard that are just next to this wall planter. 

Industrial Wall Planter 2

Industrial Wall Planter Terra CottaI had  originally  planned to use industrial pipes to make this planter shelf , but quickly changed my mind  when I saw the price of just ONE pipe flange! Regardless of whether your currency is American dollars or British pounds, it was just too expensive for my cheap tastes!

Industrial Wall Planter Decor

Side note: Is it just me or are sellers racking up the prices of your everyday industrial items because of the sudden surge in Fixer Upper Groupies? (I hold my hands up to being one of those said groupies – embarrassment and/or shame  strangely not present )  .

Easy Diy Industrial Wall Planter

Terra Cotta Pot Industrial Planter

I’m all about keeping things on a budget so using  the IKEA Hyllis frame (pictured below) was a great inexpensive alternative to getting the industrial vibe I wanted (just look at that price!). One of my friends took one look at this planter and said “It looks very Joanna Gaines!” I laughed to myself because it was actually her planter idea in Fixer Upper Season 3 that inspired this one! 


Ikea Hyllis Shelf To Industrial Planter
As always, dear hubby helped with the creation of this planter – he’s not as camera shy as I am , so if your wondering who those body parts are in the video, that’s him! I can assure you though , it was all consensual!

IKEA Hack: Turn an inexpensive Hyllis metal shelf into an industrial wall planter, great for houseplants or an herb garden. Tutorial from Grillo Designs on Remodelaholic.com

How to Make this Industrial Wall Planter

Check out the video tutorial here — be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for new videos every week! — and the written tutorial below. 


Supplies we used:

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  • 1 x Hyllis book shelf . Alternatively you could use metal corner brackets – but,  I always like to use products I already  have in my home and plus I can never even seem  to find what I’m looking for in the stores… something  needs to be done about that)
  • Manual Saw (with a specific blade for cutting metal)
  • Soft wooden planks with a thickness of 2cm, or 1 inch and your desired width, ours is 5.5 inches (you can cut to your desired length )
  • Ronseal Dark Oak Varnsh (this is a UK brand but I know of many other great stains you can use for this, like this )
  • Rustoleum metallic bronze spray paint
  • Black spray paint
  • Terra cotta pots (3 pots Xx1o.5cm diameter and 6 pots x 14.5 cm diameter)
  • 3 x plant pot dishes
  • Hole saw kit (this baby had me shooting hearts  from my eyes like a common emoji we all know and love )
  • Clear polyurethane spray (or varnish as we call it over here) 
  • Wood filler
  • DAP glue

How to:


Cut  all four sides of the shelf with the saw to your required measurements . This step required a lot of man power so cue hubby and his biceps . To be clear, I pack away some pretty good biceps myself but seriously lack that other thing called will power and you need a lot of that to saw through metal … Believe!

Brackets For Industrial Wall Planter


Industrial Wall Planter How ToDo you see how I digress?

Anyway, I wanted the front part of the shelf to look like it was suspended from the ceiling . Unfortunately (well not really that unfortunate as on a usual day I love my ceilings!) we had coving/moulding  to the wall so I couldn’t do get this effect on the back frames as well . I settled with the back frames being cut slightly shorter than the front frame. I played around with this concept for a while before I was entirely happy with it (again it all depends on what sort of effect YOU want). If you like things to be symmetrical – better look away now !

The tallest (front) part of the shelf, we cut to 34 inches. 

Industrial Wall Planter Ikea


Cut your wooden planks to your desired length with a jigsaw. We went with a length of 60cm (23.5 inches) for each shelf, and our shelves are 5.5 inches wide (so this would be a 1×6 in American lumber terms). 

Industrial Wall Planter Crafts 

You can then pre drill holes into your brackets exactly where you would like the shelves to be, as well as where you will want holes in the rear bracket to mount to the wall. Our lowest shelf is at the bottom of the bracket, with the shelves 9.25″ apart. 


Diy Industrial Wall Planter 1


Dont forget to  cover up any existing holes to the brackets using wood filler and sand to get a smooth finish. 

Fill The Holes In Your Inustrial Wall Planter


Unscrew the  brackets from the existing Hyllis shelves and paint (sanding is optional here) .

How To Make An Industrial Wall Planter

I first used a black spray primer and then the rustoleum metallic spray paint to give the brackets the slightest shimmer. Once it was all dry , I coated with spray paint varnish (or poly as you call it ) . I’d like to add that since discovering  the wonders of spray on varnish – I have never hand coated a piece  of furniture with an actual paint brush since!


Painting Industrial Wall Planter


 Time to add holes to your shelves to hold your plant pots .Measure and mark the center points for each of your three circles per shelf. We used the 3′ and 5″ drill pieces and attached to our Ryobi drill (you read my previous comment about the heart emoji right? It’s not an exaggeration ).

Cirlce Drill Industrial Wall PlanterThe holes needed to be slightly smaller than the plant pot size circumference so they didn’t fall through  .  We cut three holes into each piece of wood (smaller hole size for  what would be the first shelf and larger hole sized for the bottom teo shelves) and then sanded away all the edges and sharp bits !

Cut Holes For Industrial Wall Planter



Stain your shelves! I’m still in the stone ages and only ever use a dish cloth to do this but I hear you can buy special stain applicators that make it all so much more easier!  I did about 3 coats  of the stain leaving an hour in between to dry . The brand I used already had a polyurethane layer built in to it so  I didn’t need to seal each shelf after – however if you are just using stain by itself, you will need to coat with some clear polyurethane to protect it further.

Industrial On The Wall Planter

Diy Wall PlanterSTEP 6:

Attach the shelves to the painted brackets using the pre drilled holes. We used all of the original screws from the IKEA HYLLIS (way to recycle right?!)

Fix to the wall with wall plugs (wall anchors) and presto!

Add in  your plant pots. I had to use DAP glue to attach dishes to the pots on the bottom shelves to ensure there was somewhere for water drainage.


Industrial Wall PlanterThen pray! Pray your plants  live and thrive for more than a week. I usually start off by praying for an existence for more than 24hrs and work my way up from there .

By the way, there is a fake plant on this shelf? Can you tell which one it is??

Simple Industrial Wall Planter


Industrial Wall Planter In Didning RoomYou can see more of my IKEA HACKS  on my blog. I also share a few tutorials submitted by  non-blogging members of my Home and DIY facebook group (feel free to join)


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  1. I really like the look of this. I was wondering why you cut through the metal with a manual saw vs. a power tool?Also why didnt you use the hole already in the metal for the shelves?

    1. Hi Michelle.

      Thank you. We used a manual saw because at the time that was the only appropriate tool we had. We made new holes because the existing holes in the ikea shelf were too widely spaced as seen from pictures and I wanted to the shelves to be closer together . Hope that answers your question 🙂