Installing An In-Cupboard Pot Rack

I don’t know about you but sometimes the idea of having a in-cupboard pot rack sounds so exciting.  I hate pulling pans out when they are all stacked.  So this idea would be so helpful.  A there are a few options for making this happen.
First, I found this image from  Ayr Custom Cabinetry, and thought it would be a great DIY project.  It can be done in two ways.
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  You can find some great looking pot racks on amazon.  

pot rack


 l bracket

This one is a great option.  All you have to do to get the look above is buy the pot rack

Option 1:


Wooden Pot Rack, ceiling mount

4- 2 hole L-brackets (like these)

Approximately 16 Screws 1/2 – 3/4 wood screws



Srew Driver


Small Handsaw



1. If necessary, cut the pot rack to the inside width of you cabinet, minus 1/4 inch.  Re-secure the pot rack together.  You may have to re-drill a hole to screw the side together. 

2. Measure your longest hanging pan, add 2 inches to that length.  Inside your cabinet, find the center of the side of the cabinet, then measure the height that you just figured out.  Mark that spot.  

3. Measure the width of your pot rack(meaning the depth, it should be about 1-1/2 inches deep).  with 2 wood screws per l bracket.  screw the two L brackets so that they are set side by side the depth of the pot rack.  The bottom portion of the L-bracket will stick in to the center of the cabinet.   

4. Now set the cut and properly assembled pot rack on the L-bracket and screw it in place up through the bottom with the wood screws.  You’r done!  Hang your pots and enjoy the 


Options 2:

in cupboard pot rack insturctions

Ikea towel rack and “S” brackets:

Screwed to the top of your cabinet and hang your pots!  So Simple and super cheap!!

Check out this project and tutorial I saw on Life should cost less.

You might also like this nifty rack:  Wall Mounted Wooden Hotel Key Rack

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