Iron On Heat-n-Bond Wall Art

Sharon at This Thrifty House found a very creative way to do wall art with out wood cut outs or even a vinyl machine.  Check out what she did:

SO–once again–I am going to apologize for the BAD QUALITY of the photos you are about to see in this post.  AND I am happy to report that these are the last photos (I think) that I had to take with my phone camera–as my AWESOME SISTER just sent me a NEW CAMERA!!!!  (Love you Michelle!). 

Ok–so here we go.

I have been meaning FOREVER to do something about the wall above my little guys crib.  It looks like this:

What is so bad about this you might ask?  Well NOTHING–if your name is LANDON–not COLTON.  BUT if you are COLTON and this is YOUR bed–and you are now over 2 years old and your older brother LANDON is now 4 and hasn’t occupied this room or this bed for 2 years–than THERE MIGHT BE A PROBLEM WITH THIS WALL!!

So the story goes like this:
I wanted to do COLTON’S name on the wall–but I frankly didn’t want to spend the $ to buy any more wood letters that I would have to paint or mod podge or something.  So I was waiting for a brilliant idea to move me into action.

Well it did.

I found THIS gal (at the Brassy Apple) doing THIS (Heat-n-Bond WALL ART).

I was BLOWN AWAY by the AWESOMENESS and BRILLIANCE of her idea.  And I knew immediately that THIS was what I had been waiting for.

S,o I went online to a free font website and downloaded a fun font for Colton’s name.
I figured out the size I wanted and printed each letter out.

Next I chose some fun coordinating fabrics to use and cut a square of each of them.

Next I got out the Heat-n-bond.
This is the kind you want to use–the one made for light fabrics:

Then I pressed a square of Heat-n-Bond to the back of each of my fabrics.

Next I traced my lettering onto the paper making sure to trace it so that when it is placed on the wall it will be going the right way. 

This is always the tricky part of using Heat-n-Bond.  You always have to think backwards–which I always have trouble with.

If you are smarter than me and can think backwards better–you can probably trace your lettering on the heat-n-bond before you put it on your fabric–but I have learned from past experience that I like to have the fabric on–so I can really see which way everything is going to come out.

So here I am tracing my letters.

Here they are all traced–see how they are all backwards?

And here they are all cut out–facing forwards:

Next all that was left to do was IRON THEM TO THE WALL!!

And I must say–it is a funny thing to iron a wall.  Funny–and GENIUS!!

I started in the middle of Colton’s name and worked out–so that I would make sure to be centered on the wall space–and to make sure I stayed more level.

I lightly pressed each letter first to make sure I liked the placement–then pressed it for 20-30 seconds.

And I am SO IN LOVE with how it turned out!!!

(Again–the crumby pictures ROB this job of its AWESOMENESS!  I’m sorry!!  Just know it REALLY DOES LOOK AMAZING!!)

And the beauty of this project is that it didn’t cost me a cent–as I already had EVERYTHING on hand.  AND I literally had this done in MINUTES.  AND when it comes time to remove it–it just peels off like a charm!!!

The possibilities are ENDLESS!!  I have visions of fun characters and designs for my kids rooms–and even some more sophisticated design ideas for the other areas of my house! 
I can guarantee you will see me use this idea again!
And at least for now–Colton–after 2 years–finally has a NAME.
I too love this idea for wall art.  Being able to make what you want with fabric is great!  
I have tons of extra fabric lying around!
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  1. >Wow! I JUST tried this on my wall! I read the Brassy Apples post about this about an hour ago and thought "no way!" so I ironed a letter onto my kitchen wall just as a test! It's AWESOME! I'm going to be adding a few to my front bathroom this afternoon (if the kids behave!)
    TOO FUN!
    Great minds thinking alike!!

  2. >An even easier way is to just saturate the fabric with starch, stick it up on the wall and viola! I had some little birdies on my sons walls for over two years by this method.

  3. I want to try this in my classroom, but need to know it leaves absolutely no residue behind. Is there any tacky stuff or smudges when you remove it?