It’s that time again…. Resolutions!

Well I really feel like just blogging!  How odd of me.

But you know, it is that time of year where we get to review the past, look ahead to the future, to bad I don’t have a crystal ball right?

 (not that you can’t review your lives at anytime) 

but for some reason, having a new number at the end of your date gets people thinking about all the possibilities…  and I am on that list.

I have loved where we (this blog) have come from last year.  It seems so odd to me that it was only last year that I started trying to “really be a blogger”.  In fact, around  this week last year I only had 250 or so followers… now look where it has grown.  WOW!  How exciting!

The excitement for me, lies in the fact that I really think I can do a LOT of things better- YEA for room to grow.  I think we can make this blog even more personal too.

Okay, so lets have a heart to heart.

Truth or dare, if you will, except that I am just going for truth- I am kinda a loud mouth anyway so it shouldn’t be so hard, only it is.

When it comes to blogging about our renovating adventures, I have some reservations.  I know strange right?  But I want to discuss them before I get to my goals so we can really understand each other.

1st.  I am not an expert.

Wow- my dad is laughing that I just admitted I don’t know it all.  But seriously, I don’t want people to think that I know it all, that I always do it right and that I think I am really cool.  A blog is so one sided that sometimes it sounds so “know it all”.  Do you know what I mean?

2nd.  We are on a major budget – both time and money.

My first priority is family time (I try to only blog during nap times people, which lately have been getting shorter- YIKES!), I just don’t know how other blogger mothers juggle it all.  I can’t write a daily post… actually a weekly post sounds daunting to me, but I am going to try to put my perfectionist tendencies aside and go for it (a weekly update that is).

But, I also went to school and studied interior design for 4 years- so it is hard for me that I am just a normal-still have most of my college furniture, and nothing looks done exactly kinda girl… because it is so far from being “done”, but I just can’t go out and spend money on a new couch, chair, bed, accessories, you name it.

I admit that there are times I am so tempted to go out and do the whole “no interest for the next 38 years furniture purchases”, but I don’t want the debt- so I won’t.  But this also doesn’t mean I have the time to recover everything I own in the meantime.   (am I just whining here?…I don’t mean to be)  It just means that sometimes my afters are less than spectacular, and I get self conscious.  But I will try to keep it real.

3rd.  I do not work one project from start to finish…

My husband occasionally wants to ring my neck- although he rarely complains… but I am not a “let’s remodel the living room start to finish and not touch anything else” kinda girl.

I am super IMPULSIVE!

Meaning, one day I can’t stand the living room wall colors… and the next day if I don’t have shelves up in the closet in the hall I am going to die…  the next day, all I want to do is get some hardware for our kitchen… and the next…

Before you think “she IS insane” I must say, I don’t act out on all my ideas.  But, I don’t do one project till it is done either, like you often see on the “cool- really good at what they do- blogger’s blogs”.

Before and after… If only it were as easy as airbrushing…

So, before and true afters are not always the speediest posts in coming.  I usually get a project to the point of bearable and move on to the thing that is driving me batty.  Only when we finally moved have I ever gotten to the “you’re done” stage, and mostly that was because the new owners where moving in, so I had to “make like a tree… and get outta there Mcfly”.

Okay, so now that I have spilled the beans on my insecurities for the blog,  I want to tell you some of the goals I have.

Blogtastic 2011 GOALS
1. Play catch up– step back in time a bit and show what projects we have accomplished that I haven’t ever posted about.
2.  Post once a week at least about what we are doing around here.
3.  Try to have 4 solid tutorials by me before the end of the year.  (I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but I will be having a baby in less than 6 weeks.  I am trying to be realistic, and tutorials do take quite a bit of time.)
4.  I would like to have a few new regular contributors join the blog.  These contributors would get a specific date to post on Remodelaholic, to post a brand new tutorial, idea or before and after that hasn’t been seen everywhere.   The subjects of the posts will need to be okay-ed by me before it is posted.  This is a great way to build your blog readership.   If you are interested please send me an email remodelaholic @ (minus spaces) with the subject of “contributor”.  This can be a one time thing, up to once a month, so, if you are interested let me know.  These contributors will have the ability to pass up the long wait to be featured…  
(think of it as your own fast pass, source)
 so if you are trying to build your blog think about it and send me a note.
5.  Make the blog a little more personal.  We used to be a bit more personal, but then I ran out of time, so I am looking to get back to that personal quality without losing content. 
6.  Post a little less often and a little more selectively.  This is where it is going to get a little hard for me, but in the end make things easier too.  I am considering posting only 2 times a day.  Which means I may not be able to feature as many of your projects, and I hate to say no- but I think I may have to start.  
So, when you send in projects, be sure they are your absolute best work, completely finished with the nicest images you can take and remember projects that are a little innovative, reuse or recycle things well, or haven’t been done all over are more likely to be shown.  I hope this goal doesn’t offend you, I just need to make sure I am using my time in the most efficient way or I won’t be able to keep this blog up.
7. Be less of a perfectionist.  I tend to dwell on blog posts, and will try really hard to be witty and cool, but I am a nerd people I need to just embrace it and move on. 
Okay, 7 goals sounds like enough… I may review them and add or subtract as life dictates.  
What are your thoughts?
Any other goal suggestions?
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Cassity Kmetzsch started Remodelaholic after graduating from Utah State University with a degree in Interior Design. Remodelaholic is the place to share her love for knocking out walls, and building everything back up again to not only add function but beauty to her home. Together with her husband Justin, they have remodeled 6 homes and are working on a seventh. She is a mother of four amazing girls. Making a house a home is her favorite hobby.

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  1. >Enjoyed reading about your plans for the new year. You are so right in that it is very hard to juggle all the things you want to do. I am looking forward to seeing your tutorials and the projects you have already completed.

  2. >I could have written your 3rd confession. My husband gets so frustrated with my project jumping as well.
    Best of luck in the new year!

  3. >Are we twins? I'm just like you. Since becoming a SAHM, we just don't have the money for big remodel projects…even revamping thrift store finds is hard.

    That said, when we are able to start a project, I'm already thinking about the next one. New Years weekend, I was all gung ho on getting shelves installed in a closet to make a pantry….but, I just HAD to paint our bedroom too. It was a busy weekend. I'm still harassing my husband to get the floor refinished. LOL

    I really enjoy your blog whether you post or not. It has been much inspiration to me. Family comes first. Take some time to relax and enjoy that new little baben.

  4. >I don't have any kids, but I can only imagine that juggling a blog with mothering would be HARD, especially with another one on the way. I think all of your goals are great and very realistic! Good luck!

  5. >I also have a 4 year degree in Interior Design and know how hard it can be to not have the budget all of the time to get exactly what you want. Lucky for me, I am a major dumpster diver, curbaholic and thrift shop guru! Keep up the good work, I love reading your blogs 🙂

  6. >Truth be told I think your insecurities are many bloggers insecurities. I know they are mine at least. There is no point in setting a goal if you know there isn't a chance of meeting it.

  7. >Number 3 sounds like me, we redid the kitchen and bathroom in a hurry. I painted all the walls. Now I'm not sure if I like any of the wall colors and would have picked different cabinets, countertops, flooring etc… now that I have had time to think about things.

  8. >i am so looking forward to more posts from the real cassity! 🙂 i always love your own work and ideas, and look forward to more of them.

  9. >Thanks so much for sharing this! These are AWESOME goals! Please don't worry about the jumping around thing. That's how I roll too! We work on one thing a little, then another thing a little, then a dog post, then a House in Holyoke post, then a little of that.

    Looking forward to learning more about you, your home, and that BABY!!!!!

  10. >Being a SAHM is a big 'job' in itself without adding ANYTHING else! especially when a new baby will be involved. I rather think your readers identify with the budget and time restraints, the impulsive launching onto something 'new', the desire for perfectionism that doesnt happen and the concern about how you might be 'coming across. The important thing is your own health and happiness and your family. Then your other interests. You come across as a really genuine person and I for one appreciate that you even post as often as you do. Even once a month would be fine.
    All the best for this exciting new year.

  11. >I love your blog. I have a bloggy resolution- I want to combine my 3 and put them on the .com I'd bought awhile back. I just don't know how to converge them and not sure I have the time!