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  1. >What a little sweetie! It makes me kind of sad that my little girl is almost 20!!! 🙁 You'll be so glad you have these videos and pictures to look back on. My mom used to take videos of my daughter as she was growing up, she used to LOVE watching herself on TV when she was littler!


  2. >What a great video! She is too cute and what a treasure to have those special moments captured for a lifetime! Thanks for sharing, and I love the music you used, perfect!

    Kat 🙂

  3. >She's such a doll. I love these weekly updates. Brock kept coming back and admiring his cute 'girl' cousin. Give her a big squishy kiss from all of us!!

  4. >sooo sweet. i wish i would have done something like this for my three kids. you won't ever regret a second of video you shoot of that sweet baby!