Patty Cake: St Patrick’s Decor Ideas

I will be perfectly honest… I just barely got the last of my Valentines decor down, and I am not personally planning to decorate for Saint Patrick’s day.  Do you think I am a stick in the mud?  I have nothing against Patty’s big day, I just think I will probably end up just dying my scrambled eggs green and eating broccoli soup and calling it a holiday well celebrated.
Do any of you feel this way?
Oh wait, I admit, I am doing one thing, that if it works out, can technically be a Patty day themed decoration… I am using it for Easter, but I am not sure it will be ready by the 17th… (shhhh.. it is a secret, I will reveal later)
 Moving in, IF  I were to decorate for the holiday, this is what I might consider, (images care of BHG and Martha dearest)
First spring green plants:
Plant some jars of clover (or oxalis) otherwise known as Shamrocks.
Dye some carnations green!
Bells of Ireland
Another Bells of Ireland
Baby tears plant
Green Apples
Second, pops of green:
(I think this was from the Nester– a Actually own 6 of these exact plates!)
Green glass.
Green on white beds
Third, Celtic theme prints:

(instructions at Martha’s)
What do you plan to do?
Which picture was most inspiring to you?
Will you still speak to me if I don’t decorate for Patty’s day?

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  1. I don’t decorate for St. Patrick’s day either, but I love the pops of green you featured. Thanks for linking to my party.