Patty Cake: St Patrick’s Decor Ideas

I will be perfectly honest… I just barely got the last of my Valentines decor down, and I am not personally planning to decorate for Saint Patrick’s day.  Do you think I am a stick in the mud?  I have nothing against Patty’s big day, I just think I will probably end up just dying my scrambled eggs green and eating broccoli soup and calling it a holiday well celebrated.
Do any of you feel this way?
Oh wait, I admit, I am doing one thing, that if it works out, can technically be a Patty day themed decoration… I am using it for Easter, but I am not sure it will be ready by the 17th… (shhhh.. it is a secret, I will reveal later)
 Moving in, IF  I were to decorate for the holiday, this is what I might consider, (images care of BHG and Martha dearest)
First spring green plants:
Plant some jars of clover (or oxalis) otherwise known as Shamrocks.
Dye some carnations green!
Bells of Ireland
Another Bells of Ireland
Baby tears plant
Green Apples
Second, pops of green:
(I think this was from the Nester– a Actually own 6 of these exact plates!)
Green glass.
Green on white beds
Third, Celtic theme prints:

(instructions at Martha’s)
What do you plan to do?
Which picture was most inspiring to you?
Will you still speak to me if I don’t decorate for Patty’s day?
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  1. >All those images are so beautiful, and no I don't think you are weird for not decorating for St. Patty's. I mainly decorate for Christmas and Halloween.

  2. >i will still visit your blog everyday even if you dont decorate for st pats!
    the most i will do is make sure my kids have green on that day at school and make green pancakes for dinner.
    (my mom used to color our milk green but i hated it then and i refuse to do it now)

  3. >No, you are not a stick in the mud. I, too have my Valentine Day decorations still up, which reminds I will be taking it down sometime this week.

    I would of love to decorate for St. Patty's but I don't have that many green decor. So, I'm skipping St. Patty's and concentrate on Easter decorations.

    All the pics you provided are beautiful and Yes, I will still speak to you.

  4. >I found you through another site and wanted to say you have a beautiful blog.

    NO, you are not a stick in the mud for not decorating for St. Patty's Day. Of course, me not being Irish might have something do with that, but my husband is Irish/American on both sides of his family yet they don't really celebrate. Now if a friend asked me over for a little party, I might just have to say yes.

    Oh and I also remind the kids to wear something green or momma might just have to sneak a pinch or two. 😉

  5. >I will definitely speak to you if you don't decorate for St. Paddy's Day! I usually decorate for it, but I'm so ready for spring that I might just skip right on through to Easter! And I love the photos with the Bells of Ireland. They are so simple and pretty! That to me would be a wonderful way to decorate for the holiday, to just have a vase full of Bells of Ireland on my kitchen island! Thanks for the great inspiration pics!

    Kat 🙂

  6. >I love all the simple touches of green in these photos. They all pop out of the screen.

    Even though I am Irish (huge part anyway) I don't do much decorating for this holiday.

  7. >hahaha – hello, fellow stick-in-the-mud :-D. Guess what – I LIVE in beautiful Ireland and yet I will not decorate for Paddy's Day, either. Funny, but thing is, that the Irish themselves do not seem to decorate their homes for their national holiday as much as the Americans seem to do. The only thing I was going to do was grow some shamrock – hehe, and again it seems as if you and I have the same taste there… A few years ago I dyed my home-baked bread green – everyone was disgusted because it looked like mould LOL. So I'll be keeping it very low – just look at the parade and enjoy the day off…

  8. >Pretty! I love your natural take on this holiday. I don't really decorate for it either. But I love the idea of fresh greenery!


  9. >Love the bells of Ireland…so pretty. I just posted my St Patty Day decorations…first year for me. Found one Irish relative in the family tree.

  10. >I still have my Valentine's decorations up (all 2 of them), and so I won't be decorating for St. Patrick's either. I did love all the pops of gree you showed. Thanks!

  11. >Love these ideas. I love the clover plant idea and how they aren't "st. patrick's day-y" but they are just punches of green. Great ideas.

  12. Of course I will still speak to you. I actually really like the green glasses. I would love for you to visit and link up at my Linky Party via:

    Mrs. Delightful

  13. What a fun collection! I love the serene feel green can bring to a home, and I’d probably use a lot of these year round. I actually don’t like when homes are decked out for every single little holiday, but a fun little project or two are always fun!