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I saw this boys nursery a few months ago and had to ask if I could share it…  Of course I am behind in my blogging big time, so I barely am getting around to it, but thanks to Dana of Bungalow ’56 for letting me share this with you, it should not be missed.  It seems you see a lot of cute girls nurseries, but this is a great boy’s nursery with some fun idease
Shh…I want to show you a special room upstairs.  No, this is not my house, I only wish it was.
Come with me.
As I mentioned last week, we had a chance to visit The Agronomist’s sister just minutes days before she gave birth to her second baby boy.
So being the blogger that I am I snuck upstairs with my camera (with permission of course) and took a few pictures of the newly decorated guest room turned nursery.
My Sister-in-law and her husband are a very fashionable couple who know how to create rooms that have great wow factor within a modest budget.
And I thought this room was worth sharing with you.

With just a few changes, the guest bedroom was turned into a cozy nursery that didn’t fall prey to the usual “cutesy” baby themes. 
Not that anything is wrong with cutesy baby themes.
It just doesn’t suit the couple who created this room.
I married into a gene pool of cool.
How this happened I’m still not sure? But that’s another post for another time…

The first change was created with a gallon of warm brown paint. 
The curtains were switched over from big brother’s room, who now has a say in his own decor and chose a dinosaur print for his new curtains.

The one recurring theme in the room is birds.  These prints are color photocopies of a book my sister in law had that were framed with inexpensive Ribba frames from IKEA. 
The white against the brown really pops, and the birds give the room an English Library/Study feel.
The rocking chair is one that used to be at home in the living room in years past. 
The cream cover ties in perfectly with the new room.

Each boy has their own map of Canada above their bed. 
After waking up to this every morning, they are bound to be citizens, not only of Canada, but the world, with a focus on travel. 
Doesn’t the blue look beautiful against the brown walls?
The pictures do not completely convey how calm and inviting this room feels.

Here is a quick look from new cool baby boy’s perspective.
The blue also ties in with the baby swing sitting in the room. 
You had a quick glimpse of it in the second picture in this post way up above.

The bird theme continues with these metal flamingoes which were found at HomeSense (known as tj Maxx in the states) at a healthy discount.

Pops of color are found on the shelf with soon to be favourite books and toys.

A $50 Craigslist’s find was bought to be used as a repurposed vintage change table.  A dresser that will undoubtedly have many different reincarnations over the years.

This turned into a beautiful nursery using many items already on hand.  The repeat of brown and white with hits of blue created a cohesive color scheme that made this baby’s room also a great place for Mom and Dad to hang out in too.

(Wasn’t that description, like, totally and completely right out of a design magazine article? I felt I needed to highlight my inspired prose, just in case you missed it.)

I asked if I could move in, but they pointed out that the crib was likely too tight a fit.  Plus they also mentioned I have children of my own that need to be fed on a daily basis not to mention The Agronomist was doing his bulging right eye thingy. 
It was a spur of the moment request. 
The room was just soo inviting, I couldn’t help myself.

Congratulations to The Agronomist’s Sister and her husband who had a healthy baby boy only two and a half days after these pictures were taken! I’m pretty sure your new little man will love his stylish new digs.
Maybe we could just keep my whole trying to kick him out of his room to ourselves…OK? 

Tell him auntie will make it up to him the next time The Agronomist allows her to drive to the Big City with him.

But it might be awhile…  on the drive back The Agronomist was mumbling something about, embarassment, can’t take her anywhere,  cotton pickin camera.

But I promise I’ll be back… before you graduate. 

The Agronomist is a reasonable man,  who can be bribed with pictures of cute little nephews.

(Your favourite blogging Auntie)

Isn’t that room so Cute?  
I love the art especially!

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  1. >What a great room. I love the brown color scheme, the bird pictures, etc. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. >Congratulations on baby boy's arrival! I love that nursery and that big round mirror. Super suave hangout for the lil one 🙂

  3. >It is very adorable. I got all calm and sleepy just looking at the pictures. Will be perfect for a newborn baby!

  4. >Such a beautiful nursery! And Bungalow '56 is a wonderful blog – it's one of my favorite daily reads.