25 Candy-Free Valentines and Printables (including loom bracelets!)

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25 Non-Candy Valentines for Kids - Including Loom Bracelets! #valentines #sugarfree #loombracelet #printable Remodelaholic.com

25 Candy-Free Valentines with Free Printables

Valentine’s Day is coming up! I love having a holiday as an excuse to do little things to show my affection for those I love. And really, who doesn’t remember how much fun Valentine’s Day was as a kid, with class parties and fun valentines for each classmate. But, since I’m trying to eat a little healthier, I thought I’d see what I could find for candy-free valentines. And you may have heard of this little craze going on right now called the Rainbow Loom? So I put the two together and today I have, just for you, 15 non-candy valentine ideas plus 10 loom bracelet valentine printables from creative bloggers all around the web. Happy Valentine’s Day!


15 Valentine’s Day

Candy Alternatives with Printable Tags


Bubbles: Add a cute tag to some inexpensive bubbles and tell your valentine that they “blow you away”. Makely has this free printable tag (plus another version).


Applesauce: Use a fruit puree or applesauce pouch to let your friends know “I’ve got a CRUSH on you!” Get the free printable tag from Teal and Lime.

DIY Heart-Shaped Crayons

DIY Heart-Shaped Crayons: Tell your valentine that they “color your world” with these easy DIY heart crayons — great for all those leftover broken crayon stubs! Learn how and get the free printable from The Nerd’s Wife.

Printable Envelopes

Printable Envelopes: These are pictured with M&Ms, but you could easily slip a small toy or sheet of stickers into these adorable (and free!) printable monster envelopes from Yellow Bliss Road. 

Fish Crackers

Crackers: Package up some goldfish crackers (or buy the smaller packages) and let your kiddos know that you think they’re a great catch! Instructions for making this card come from Rock Paper Cricut.

Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelet: Bracelets have been around a lot longer than the loom bracelet craze! Kids can easily twist together some cording to make these classic friendship bracelets for their buddies. Get the instructions and printable tag from Dandee Designs.

Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks: Every kid loves glow sticks! And you can save some money by printing this black and white valentine tag from Delia Creates instead of a colored version.

Bag of Chips

Bag of Chips: Your kids and their friends might not get the joke, but you can amuse their parents with this “all that and a bag of chips” valentine! This cute idea and printable comes from My 3 Monsters.

Butterfly Pencils

Butterfly Pencils: Put your child’s creativity to work and have them decorate paper butterfly wings to make these cute pencil butterflies for their friends. Get the instructions from Buggy and Buddy. 

Mini Box of Cereal

Mini Box of Cereal: Tell your friends that you’re “cereal-sly” glad to know them with this cute valentine. (Found via Pinterest and we can’t find the original source — if it is you please let us know so we can give you credit!)

Printable Valentines

Printable Valentines: Print out these cute “we belong together” valentines from Artsy Fartsy Mama and let your child write a note to their friends on the back of each one.

Mini Mazes

Mini Mazes (and More!): U-Create crafts shared a whole week of easy valentines, including this fun a”maze”ing printable.

Toy Car or Truck

Toy Car or Truck: Pick up some small race cars or trucks to tell your valentines that you “wheelie” like them! Free printable tag from Thirty Handmade Days, plus check out even more of her great candy-free valentine ideas!

Squeeze Yogurts

Squeeze Yogurts: Make a healthy and fun valentine for “your main squeeze” with a squeeze yogurt (like a Go-Gurt) and a cute tag like this one from Taylored Expressions user Charmaine

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