Lunch Bag Stockings







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These are the stars of the show.

They are feeling pretty proud to have a purpose other then holding your pb and j!
The sewing machine will try to steal the show. It’s used to the limelight.
Just tell it to back off.
Just trace or draw your pattern on to the bag.
Try to use the sides of the bag in your stocking where you can.
Sew around your pattern.
I used a zig zag pattern.
I am not a seamstress and ended up redoing this.
But, that sewing machine lost any status, so all is well
Cut around the edges.
Avoid getting your shadow in pictures…not nice. (although you probably wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t mention it?)
I added a little heel stich. What is that called anyways?
Never fear…all the stitching was fixed and trimmed.
I had a bag of vintage ribbon…shades of green.
Perfect for Christmas!
I added some velvet ribbon from the stash to the top of the stockings.
Doesn’t it add just the right touch of sophistication!
Is that possible…sophisticated paper bag stockings…ha!
The line up.
I only needed 3 because they were going on my bitty faux fireplace.
But, I whipped these out lickity split and imagine it wouldn’t take long to make many more!
I stiched it on to a long piece of ribbon that I would use for the garland part.
I took yet another shade of green ribbon from the stash and added a little bow.
Aren’t they cute!
I am so pleased with how they turned out on my faux mantle. All for the cost of…umm, nothing!
If you regularly read my blog then you know…I love the imperfection of these!
But, if you don’t…the sky is the limit with what how you could snazz these babies up!
Have fun!
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  1. I’d like to make these as decorations for the counter at work. I think I could whip out a few and even add the names of all the girls! Maybe stamped or stitched on!