How to Make a DIY Jewelry Organizer

How to Build a Simple DIY Jewelry Organizer with Shelf

Hey everyone!! I’m Shara from Woodshop Diaries and I’m excited to be a brand new contributor here on Remodelaholic! Although I’m a brand new contributor, I have had the opportunity in the past to post my DIY bathroom mirror shelf here on Remodelaholic and also participate in the recent 2×4 and More Challenge.

But, today I’m going to show you how to make a simple DIY jewelry organizer! This jewelry organizer is easy to customize with your own fabric design, colors, hardware, etc. And the foam board in the middle allows for plenty of storage because you can just stick a pin in and hang your new necklace or bracelet on it. Easy peesy!


How to Build a Customizable Jewelry Organizer

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For this build you will need:

Tools & Materials:


Cut List:

  • (2) 1×4 @ 20 ½” mitered 45 degrees on each end NOT parallel
  • (2) 1×4 @ 17 ½” mitered 45 degrees on each end NOT parallel
  • (1) 1×2 @ 19 ½”

Put your necklaces and bracelets in order with this easy custom DIY jewelry organizer. It features a small ledge shelf plus hooks for necklaces, and the backing is fabric covered pinboard so you can leave yourself reminders and customize your hanging jewelry for rings, brooches, and more. Make it in any size you need to fit your space and your accessories.

Building Instructions:

  1. First, cut out the pieces for the frame. You want to cut two pieces 20 ½” long at the longest point, but both sides mitered at 45 degrees. Then, cut two more pieces the same way, but only 17 ½” long. This will make your frame. Sand these pieces well.

Boards For Jewelry Organizer

  1. Using a Kreg Jig for pocket holes, drill two ¾” pocket holes in each end of the 20 ½” long pieces.

  1. Attach frame pieces together using the pocket holes you just drilled and 1 ¼” pocket hole screws. It helps to clamp pieces together while you assemble to prevent them from moving while you drive the screws.

  1. This step is optional, but if you have a router and a rabbet bit (I used a 3/8” rabbet), you can route out a groove for the foam board to fit in the middle. If you don’t have a router, or don’t want to do this step, you can skip it. It just makes the piece sit flatter on the wall.

  1. Use spray adhesive to glue your fabric onto your foam board. Follow the directions on the can. Smooth out your fabric so there are no wrinkles or air bubbles. Once your fabric is stuck where you want it, trim off the excess around the edges.


  1. Using a staple gun, staple the edges of the foam board onto the back of the wood frame. If you routed out the groove, it should fit snug in place. If you skipped that step, just make sure it’s centered before you staple around the edges being sure the staples go into the wood.

  1. Add the 1×2 shelf by clamping it in place (make sure it’s centered and straight), then screwing it in with 1 ¼” screws from the back side.

  1. Finish (stain or paint) the wood. This might be easier to do prior to step 6, but I forgot (OOPS), so I did it at this point.

  1. Add hardware for hanging. Nail a picture frame hanger onto the top of the back of the frame in the center for hanging on the wall. Add knobs, hooks, nails, etc to the bottom on the front for hanging jewelry. I just used some nails, but you could get pretty creative here.

How to build an easy custom jewelry organizer with a pinboard for custom storage, a shelf, and hooks for keys and necklaces.

IMG 0287

  1. Hang up and organize! The foam board in the middle allows you to add pins, or short nails for extra hanging capacity.


I hung this in our newly remodeled bathroom so it’s easy to grab what I need and go in the mornings.

I used to keep my accessories on my DIY mid century dresser.   Then I moved them to my DIY entryway table. But I think I like keeping them right here the best.


Because the middle is foam, you can use pins, nails, or tacks to add even more hanging capacity!


This project is so easy to customize.  How would you customize yours??

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