Rustic Pallet Jewelry Holder

Hello, it is Mindi again from MyLove2Create!  Since I love useful projects I thought I would share a very fun and easy Rustic Pallet Jewelry Holder.

Rustic Pallet Jewelry Holder -- so easy, but exactly what I need to organize my jewelry

I am loving it! I am in the middle of redoing my master bedroom and knew it was time to finally make a much needed jewelry holder.  I mean, a box does store jewelry, but not very well, and if you have to dig to find what you need and untie fifty knots to get it…well, that isn’t fun either.
fitting pallet wood onto scrap plywood to make rustic jewelry holder

I knew I had enough scraps of pallet wood from a previous project that I could come up with something.  I was lucky to find a long piece of 1/2 inch plywood that just happened to be the right size to hold the scraps of pallet wood (that were all the same size).  You can see me testing it out above….it was perfect, I didn’t even have to make a cut.  That never happens!  Oh, wait.  I guess it does! 🙂

Small scrap 1x1's for holding hardware cloth

I did have to cut some small squares from a scrap piece of 1×1 board.  I didn’t measure, just eyeballed it.  These will be the supports for my earring holder, which I will get to in a minute.

gluing pallet wood to plywood backing

I brought my boards inside and used wood glue to attach the pallet wood to my scrap plywood.  Instead of using clamps my kids I grabbed some weights and set them on the wood while the glue dried.  You could use any heavy object as weights.  I used all that my kids I brought up, but I don’t think I needed 50 lbs!

cutting and bending hardware cloth to make earring holder

While I waited for the glue to dry I got to work making my earring holder.  I used 1/4 inch hardware cloth that I got from Home Depot, the whole roll was less than $10, and I used hardly any.  I just measured the size I wanted and used a wire cutter to clip it into a rectangle.  You can see how I used a larger size of hardware cloth in my Final touches, Master Closet Makeover, for my laundry drawers, and then used the left over scraps on my DIY Corner Fruit Tower, it is very useful!

Once I had my rectangle I used my 1×1 wood pieces as a guide to fold down a row of squares on all four sides.  I found a longer piece of wood worked better to fold more hardware cloth at once.  I just used my fingers to press it down.

cutting edges of bent hardware cloth

When I got to a corner I folded each side down and then clipped the excess wire that was sticking out.  The arrows above show where to clip.

hot glue wood squares to hardware cloth and nail to pallet boards

To attach the wood squares onto the hardware cloth I used hot glue, on the edges.  Then I placed it onto my pallet wood and nailed it into place through the wood squares.  If you don’t have a nail gun you could pre drill holes and add screws.  Very simple!  I also decided to give my pallet wood one coat of natural stain, it really brought out the pretty color of the wood.

pre-drill holes and hammer in nails

Next up, I needed to add my 2 inch Common Nails that I had gotten from Walmart way way back.  I decided where I wanted them to go, and then pre drilled holes (so the wood wouldn’t split) and nailed them into the holes.

staple on twine hanger to back of jewelry holder

For hanging I went with some twine.  I love thicker rope, but I was out, so I braided three pieces of twine to make it a little thicker, just like I did on my Baby Supplies Gift Box.  I used a staple gun to staple the twine onto the back of the board, make sure to knot the end so the twine won’t slide through the staples.

Rustic Pallet Jewelry Holder without jewelry

All done, and ready for some jewelry!

front view of rustic pallet jewelry holder

It works great, and I honestly haven’t seen or worn some of this stuff in years.  I guess the box wasn’t very effective…

Rustic pallet jewelry holder featured image

I can see what I have and pick it out quickly and without undoing knots.  Now, that is pretty exciting!

close up of jewelry holder

The nails can hold necklaces, bracelets, and even rings.  You can also see that the hardware cloth doesn’t sit flush with the pallet wood, leaving room for the backs of the earrings.

bottom view of jewelry holder

I am super excited to have a variety of jewelry to wear…now that I can see it at a glance, and it isn’t hidden in a box.  The great thing about this project is that you can make it any size you want, to fit your jewelry needs, big or small!

So what do you use to organize your jewelry?




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  1. Mindi,

    I Love your new jewelry holder. Hanging jewelry really does make more sense than having it in a box. (I don’t wear much, but it’s sort of everywhere)


    1. Yes, it does make more since to hang jewelry than put it in a box! It only took me years before I figured that out! Lol! Thanks so much for your comment and the pin Gail! Hugs!