Mini Single Bite Chocolate Croissant Recipe

Have you ever had a really good Chocolate Croissant?
I really hope so, it is something, worth having.
 (tangent- For those of you Logan Utah dwellers, go to Crumb Brothers,
get one and think of me… wishing I could have one with you!)
Anyway, in college I was in charge of food for our Senior Exhibit.  And I kind if made my own little easy as a wink, never fails to impress version. It is super simple, and only requires putting together, no actual making.
Mini Chocolate Croissant Recipe!
One package Puff Pastry
1/2 bag semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
1-2 beaten eggs
Non-stick spray
Powdered Sugar
bake at 425 degrees
** At step 7 you can store in freezer for a few days without baking, just let them thaw before baking.
Now, try not to eat them all at once!

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  1. >We were just watching " It's Complicated " last night and in the movie Meryl Streep makes chocolate croissants for Steve Martin and he falls in love with her while they eat them. My husband was like, " Seriously, can you make some of those tomorrow? Please?"

  2. >Although I don't have a recipe to share I am looking forward to trying to make yours! Anything with chocolate is a must try for me!

  3. >I spent a year abroad in Italy for school, and just about every morning I had a Nutella cornetto (Italian word for croissant) and a cappuccino for breakfast. So good!

  4. >Oh Cassity, those look amazing. I think I will try them for valentines day. I wonder if you could use one Hershey's kiss instead of the choc chips. Either way my mouth is already watering!!
    nettecan at hotmail dot com

  5. >I'm having a craft party with friends this Saturday and was looking for one more num-num to nibble! This is IT! Thanks!

  6. >Sounds yummy! I have never tried the croissants at Crumb Brothers…in fact, I've never even been to Crumb Brothers, and I live about five minutes away. I'll have to pay a visit before we move!!