No More Pink Tile: Bathroom Remodel

No More Pink Tile: Bathroom Remodel
submitted by Spacey Lacy

So I have been talking about our bathroom remodel for months and although there are still a few things to complete it’s pretty much done.  It felt like it took forever at times.  I think that’s probably because my husband and I did it all (with the exception of plumbing and major drywall work).

So here are some before photos from when we bought the house.

And here are some photos after we painted and started the work.

We replaced everything!  The floor, tub (and added a shower head), toilet, vanity, we took out built in cabinets and made shelves and a closet, replaced plaster walls with drywall in some areas, updated electrical, and so much more.  It was quite the project.

I am proud to say that we bought just about everything on sale.  We waited for sales and deals on what we needed and we bought the items as we went.  It took us a little longer that way but we have a brand new bathroom with fancy hardware, granite counter tops, and more and we paid a fraction of the retail cost on it.

Ok, so you waited long enough.  Here are the after photos.

Here is the view as you walk in the bathroom.

 Each family member has their own basket.  I picked these baskets up at Michael’s (with a coupon, of course) along with the frames and used chalkboard spray paint on the inside of the frame.  That way I can change them up later with some chalk.

We framed the mirror and added beadboard half way up the walls. I love the contrast.

Painting the wood trim on the window really lightened up the room as well.  See our fancy toilet?  It’s a dual flushing toilet that saves water.

The medicine cabinet  pictured below still needs a handle but we will raise it up about 6 inches (like we did with other handles in this bathroom) to avoid little fingers from getting into bad stuff.

Need some toilet paper?
I bought this dual basket set at Pier 1 and I love it.  Totally worth the money.  I could use it in any room if I ever can’t use it in the bathroom.

We bought our lighting fixture and pulls/handles on E-Bay.  I love the brushed nickel.  Oh, and the vanity is a taller backsaver model which is such a nice feature (even for my short 5’4” self).

 How did this picture sneak in there?
And one more for you.
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