Farmhouse Bathroom 180 Degree Renovation

Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation
contributed by HollerDesign

This much needed renovation transformed a dark, outdated bathroom into a space more appropriate to this cute farmhouse. The design combines humble, traditional elements (a cast iron tub, white subway tile, wide plank flooring) with cleaner, more modern features (a wall mounted toilet, recessed lighting, and a vanity with clean overlay drawers.) 


  The most transformative element is a large salvaged window installed on the west elevation of the room, which washes the room with light. Other reclaimed items include the flooring, door and door hardware, towel rod and towel hooks. The color palette takes advantage of strong neutrals (white, black, gray and dark brown) with a modern pop of sunny yellow as an accent. The result is a cozy yet modern take on the traditional farmhouse bathroom.”

I also included a few photos not on the website of some storage features…medicine cabinet, makeup drawer and the hair dryer/flat iron storage. The power outlet is located inside the vanity, so when I am running out the door in the 
morning I can just stuff the flat iron back in the cabinet and shut the door. I’d leave everything out otherwise!

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  1. >Now that was one crazy before bathroom! Love what you did with it, black, yellow and white. My favorite though are the black saws on the wall, so genius and cool looking.

  2. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a remodeled bath! I pinned it because it has some elements I will consider for my bath remodel I am planning. The wall mounted toilet? Genius for cleaning! I like the package, though I am not a fan of shower curtains. I get the look and feel though! Great job.

  3. I was wondering if the window sill/frame behind the shower gets wet when you shower. I am in the process of remodeling a bathroom with a window in the shower, and so far what we have tried isn’t working, as soon as it gets wet, the paint peels off the woodwork. I’m thinking of trying outdoor porch/floor paint next, but would love to hear what worked for you!

    1. Hi Jody! This was a guest post, so you’ll have to head over to the original blog (linked at the top of the post) and ask your question there. Thanks!

  4. I’m currently in the market for a classic looking wall-mounted toilet just like that one. I know this is elder post, but where was that toilet purchased?