Not the best blogger!


I am such a sorry Blogger!


I want to do a little better so I am going to try and keep up to date. I feel like we have been really busy, but at the same time not. Justin is loving work, and has been really busy! We have finished a little on the house but are taking our time because it is all so expensive! I am working to little jobs now. I work for the Easter Seals, it is a job where we work with people with disabilities and help them to enhance their life by learning skills that are within their reach to give them a better quality of life. I like it, although it can be hard. My other job is a dream. I babysit for a friend. Natalie is a little angel and she is hilarious. She is just getting to one of my favorite ages, her first birthday is in a week! I can’t believe it has already been a year since she was born. Crazy!


We went on a really fun trip to Utah and Texas this October for Justin’s sister’s wedding. She is such a fun girl and we are all happy she and Garrett are married. It is so fun to be newly weds! On the way home we stopped over in Texas and visited our best friends from college Matt and Emily. Their boys are getting so big and were so cute to be with. Well I guess I better add some new pictures!

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