Justin’s parents had not yet met Etta. They are planning on visiting for Christmas, but she would already be 5 months old by then, we decided we would surprise them.

Wednesday was the day Justin’s family arrived home from their own vacation to Hawaii. They had no idea we were there. They took a red-eye flight home. And got to the house at about 9:00 am, we had made breakfast, then waited in the front room for them to walk in.

Justin’s mom was the first to enter. She came through the back door. We sat quietly in the living room til she came through. The best part was listening to the conversation as they entered. She walked in and said, “Does it smell like Bacon?… Maybe it’s just because I want bacon…” We were both trying not to laugh, it was so funny. (it did indeed smell like bacon, happy breakfast!)

It worked out nicely, after Mom and Heidi saw us, she opened the front door and people slowly trickled in one at a time.


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  1. >That had to be so fun to genuinely surprise them like that. I love it!

    Love your cute little Hawaiian babe pictures above too.