Lunch date at the cafe

Cafe Rio! I LOVE YOU!

I will come to you every chance I get. Please don’t forget me, all the way down here in Texas. I know they have Mexican food here, but please know, nothing compares to you! Be back soon!
Til then I will be dreaming of your Beef Burrito enchilada style, Tres Leches and Chocolate Flan.

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  1. >Did I ever give you my cafe rio salad recipe? We'll have to make it on our first "family sleepover". 🙂 I don't care if it's your place or mine but I'm so excited to see that beautiful baby of yours!

  2. >Oh my goodness!!! Now I want Cafe Rio!! But there is nothing I can do about that 🙁 When my hubby and I lived in Phoenix that was my favorite place to eat. Their pork barbacoa salad with tomatillo ranch is to die for…