Now New Hutch; Krew Hutch Updated: Guest

Mike and Melanie Gardner at the  The Frosted Gardner have a passion for updating old furniture.
Check out this before and after.

54″ Wide . 80.25″ Tall . 18″ Deep


AfterThis beautiful black hutch is unique in its shape and wood detailing. The top piece is angled which gives it alot of depth.
I love the chunky base on this hutch. It has four drawers with the top being different than the other three. The doors have tons of detailing as well. We have added new hardware to compliment the different design.
We are looking forward to the long weekend despite the forecasted weather of cooler temps with possible rain showers.
I think the new black hutch looks great. 

What are your opinions on the new look?

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  1. >Great updated look to an "old school" hutch. Staci from

  2. >I love it! I've been dreaming of finding an old hutch (cheap) that I can paint black. great inspiration. Love the hardware change too.

  3. >This piece just went from normal to WOW! I'm collecting my courage to try some of our heirloom furniture but I'm not brave enough yet.

  4. >I love the look of this one, the black is really bold.
    I'm curious about your thoughts on this…As I go through "antique" stores, more and more, I'm noticing furniture getting this treatment.How do you decide if you want to distress a piece vs. restoring the item?

  5. >I love it! I think it is such a great improvement!


  6. >Thank you so much for highlighting our hutch and sharing your friends with us. We could not be more pleased and appreciate your link parties. Thank you Thank you!

  7. >I love it! I have a very similar hutch that just screams I'm from the 70's (maybe 80's) and inherited some end tables that I never really have liked too well, perhaps a new coat of paint might do the trick…now to convince the hubby that it's do-able!