Master Bathroom Renovation Before and After

This is a great master bathroom renovation I thought i would share with you form Little Brown House, enjoy:

Oh my gosh – this has been the longest bathroom remodel in history.
My history, anyway!
We started last May on our bathroom remodel, and worked at
it as time and money allowed. I so love the end result!
I will show some before/after shots, then just focus on the new!
We pretty much gutted the bathroom (we meaning my hubby)
and everything except the toilet is new.
Here is the back wall when we took the old bathtub out – and how it looks today.
Here is the old cabinet (with one of the new knobs on just to see how it looks) and the new cabinet we painted.
Here is yet one more view!
Here is a shot of the entire bathroom before:
Yep – gotta love the bright row of lights above the sink – along with the magnifying mirror
which I still have. I can’t help it – I need to know the worst before I walk out in public..
My husband spotted this dent/ding cabinet at the back of the Home Depot store, and we snapped it up.
I sanded and painted it, and we were really happy with the result.
We got most of our things from Home Depot – and did great on the cost’s.
Especially because we (meaning my husband) did all the work ourselves.
I got the knobs from TJ Maxx – my fave store!
The mirror came from Ross – another favorite!
We tiled everything – my husband has become quite good at it! And it can really be so
low in cost when you do it yourself! This tile on the counter is granite, and was sooooo
much cheaper to do this way vs. a slab, which has to be cut. This is not a high grade of
granite, but it is perfect for the spot and what it is used for. The tiling across the front and back matches
the tile we used for the bathtub/shower surround. The back is not finished yet, but if
I wait to do the reveal when everything is done, it will be time to remodel again!
Just facing the facts!
I got this cabinet at TJ Maxx – another dent/ding special, for $50 – I love it!
I bought regular curtains for the shower, and just use a vinyl liner.
I could not find the look I was going for in a shower curtain.
I was really happy with the floor. The tile color is both attractive
and dirt hiding – two of my favorite things!
Here is the view from the bedroom.
So what do you think? I wanted it to be soothing, soft, and romantic –
Did we make it? Well, all I can say is I love to be in there now!
If I had room for a coffee pot and an cozy chair it could become
my new office!  I really would have to get rid of that toilet paper
though – it really jumps out at you!
If you are interested, here are links to 3 of the projects I made for this room:
Thanks so much for stopping by!
By the way – my daughter was very confused by the pictures because of the location
of the toilet. We (meaning Hubby) did move the toilet to the other side of the room,
I forgot to mention that. It was like a 3 foot move, but he is a plumber and it was super
important to him. In fact he said it was the only thing he really wanted to do!
So I figured it was a small price to pay for getting the rest of the remodel!

Great job!  I hope you are loving the space,
that is the best part of being done with a remodel, right?
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  1. >I love it! We're in the middle of a master bathroom remodel as I type, so it's nice to see a little bit of inspiration like this- there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel!! 🙂

    xo- M

  2. >It came out great! The color combo and all the accent pieces work so well together. That cabinet from TJ Maxx was a great find!

  3. >I really LOVE the look and the ideas you have for going on the cheap…I WORK at Home Depot and they have a cabinet sale going on right now so I'm excited about buying new cabinets for OUR bathroom remodel !!!! Thanks for inspiration !!

  4. >Thank you for featuring my bathroom! I am so incredibly happy with it, I love being in there now! In fact, long bubble baths with a couple of decorating magazines have become way more frequent in my life!