Old Barn Door Recycled into Kitchen Table

Old Barn Door Recycled into Kitchen Table
contributed by Mason Bay

Hinges, and latches adorn my kitchen table. An old barn door, attached to some legs, and perfection. 

The door became a beautiful kitchen table. 

The plain wood legs, and base needed something, so a white wash, and paint stained clothes was a must.


Looking at all the imperfection of the door, reminds me how beautiful old and used items are. 

The children especially love playing with the hinge, while they are sitting on my lap.

After a couple of months, and not being able to find any vintage folding chippy chairs ( I am still looking), I decided to paint the chairs I already had. 


I sanded all 6 chairs and painted them fun, bright colors, red, green, purple, orange, turquoise, and yellow. 

Thank you Martha Stewart paint samples.

The children love them , and it has helped Baylie with learning her colors.

I love how unique they are! It is not every day you walk into someones home, who has 6 different colored chairs. 

I added a burlap table runner, with Turquoise strips (the DIY is coming on the runner.)

An IKEA white vase, with dried Hydrangea from my sisters garden, takes center stage on this one of a kind table.

Playing games around this table, and entertaining is so enjoyable.

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  1. >I adore! This table looks fantabulous! The strap hinges look gorgeous on the worn planks and I love that they weren't removed, it adds tremendous character.
    I'm sure that this could easily pop up in the retail market for quite a price tag…

  2. >Oh I LOVE this!!
    I have been wanting to go 250 miles to see I can get some barn boards from my great grandparents old ranch barn built almost 100 years ago and make a new kitchen table out of it.

    My only problem would be it wouldn't be smooth for writing on to do homework.

  3. >Love this table, especially with the hinges intact. Looks beautiful. Painting the chairs like that was a great choice. Love it all.