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Hello Remodelaholics! I’m Michelle Hinckley and I blog at 4men1lady.  As you can imagine I’m in constant pursuit of bringing beauty and order to my house full of men.  I’m so excited to be one of Cassity’s newest contributors and share with you my love for interior design, crafting and diy projects! Thank you Cass for having me.

For my first project I want to share with you some really inexpensive diy ornaments…like free-inexpensive. This year I went for an all white Christmas decor theme at my house which meant needing new ornaments and holiday hoopla all in white. “New” is usually code for “cha-ching” but not this time.

If you’re an avid fan of design you may have noticed that arrows are the latest big trend and are popping up in jewelry, fashion, art and interior design.  I’m in love with this trend too.  In fact, I’m considering wallpapering my oldest sons room in arrows (he doesn’t know this yet).arrow love | 4men1lady for

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So are you a fan of the arrow craze?  I always love finding little, subtle ways of bringing these trends in to my decorating.  So I figured why not take a page from the craze and put them on my Christmas tree?!

diy wooden arrow ornaments |  | 4men1lady for Remodelaholic.comWe’ve been finishing our basement for the past few long months and are finally at the finish line (hallelujah!).  We just finished painting and have a ton of paint stir sticks lying around.  Now I’ve done a lot of projects with paint stir sticks including this popular house numbers post but this time I decided to re-purpose them as holiday ornaments.  Paint stir sticks are free at most stores. 

On the particular day I went to my paint store to pick more up the guy at the counter had no customers there and was just staring at me.  I felt that it would be in poor taste if I grabbed 30 sticks and said something lame like, “I’ve got 30 cans of paint that need stirring” so I took 5 and came up with a different game plan.  As I was doing other shopping I noticed that you can but a whole bundle of wood shims for cheap.  They are very similar to paint stir sticks but aren’t as smoothly finished and have one side thicker than the other.  No problem.

wood shims as a substitute for paint stir sticks  | 4men1lady for Remodelaholic.comThe first thing I did was run the sticks through a table saw length-wise to cut them in half.  Then I played around with the miter saw cutting several little pieces at a 45 degree angle.

4men1lady saws  | 4men1lady for Remodelaholic.comI used up all my paint stir sticks on the first few arrow ornaments.  Then I moved on to my wood shims.  Using a glue gun I simply assembled and glued the wood pieces to make several arrows.  I found that the more imperfect I made them, the better I liked them.

wooden shim arrows  | 4men1lady for Remodelaholic.comAt this point you can either leave them as is and hang them on the tree or you can stain or paint them.  I gave them a quick coat of spray paint since I was going for an all white theme.

diy wooden arrow tree ornaments | 4men1lady for   I hung them with some jute twine and I love the way they turned out.all white Christmas tree with diy wooden arrow ornaments | 4men1lady for

There you have it…Christmas ornaments that are right on trend! (You can also check out our DIY phone book ornaments here).

classic white Christmas | 4men1lady for

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! To see more of our diy projects and home tour stop on by our blog at 4men1lady!


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    1. Me too! I love fonts! I actually found the font on the app: Rhonna Designs. It was a pre-made design. Thanks Rebecca, Michelle (

  1. Hello! I just love the arrow ornaments! Such an inspiration. Would you be able to tell me what the size of the arrows is? Thank you!