35+ Easy Paper Christmas Decorations

Paper is an inexpensive medium that can create so many different easy paper Christmas decorations. Find decorations for the Christmas tree, embellishments for windows, and all around the house with our favorite paper decor ideas.

Looking for more ways to decorate your home for Christmas? We can help you with all things Christmas! Try our printable ornaments,  our farmhouse advent calendar, and how to decorate your mantel for Christmas.

Lots of DIY paper christmas decorations on Remodelaholic.com

I love the holiday season. As long as I can keep the stressful parts of it to a minimum, that is. I love the decorating and spending time with family, and just generally spreading and partaking of holiday cheer. I did a 12 days of paper Christmas decorations series a few years back, so I thought I’d revisit that again this season, and add more!

Why Paper is Great for Christmas Decorations

Using paper decorations for the holidays is cheap, easy and creatively freeing — I can choose whatever colors I want, make them whatever size I want, and make as many or as few as I want.

All of these ideas make great Christmas tree ornaments, or string a few together to make a garland, or make a whole collection to hang in a window or set on a shelf.

Plus, paper is an inexpensive craft supply — and some of these are (or could be) made using recycled materials like toilet paper/paper towel tubes and cereal boxes.

All of these paper Christmas decorations include tutorials to save you some time figuring it out on your own!

Most of these decorations take just a few minutes, and many of them are kid-friendly, too. You can make them *without* the aid of a fancy cutting machine (although the fancy machine does make lots of things easier) — most of them use just a pencil, scissors or a paper punch!

Super Easy Printable Christmas Decorations

The ornaments, garlands, trees, and villages below are easy crafts — but if you want even EASIER, just print and frame our favorite Christmas printables! 😉 A framed print is easy Christmas decor for a gallery wall or Christmas mantel, and also makes a great easy gift idea for neighbors, co-workers, and friends.

(Or a printed beautiful calendar would do the trick, too, and our calendar bundle is on sale right now!)

Easy Christmas Printable Decor Remodelaholic

Ideas for Paper Christmas Ornaments

Give your tree a whole new look and style using these easy paper DIY Christmas ornaments.

Diy Printable Paper Ornaments To Fold And Decorate For Christmas And Winter Remodelaholic 7 768x510

Printable 3D Paper Christmas Ornaments | Remodelaholic

Our printable templates make it so easy to make baubles and snow globe scenes — just use a printer to print, then cut, and assemble for a garland, tree ornaments or even hang from the ceiling.

Easy Folded Paper 5- and 6-Point Stars and Snowflakes | Kate’s Creative Space

Want a simple way to add some holiday cheer to any wall? Just whip up a few of these stars or snowflakes for instant festivity. These are especially nice for that awkward wall space you can’t ever quite seem to find decor to fit.

Pieced Ball or Cube Ornament for an easy paper decoration at remodelaholic.com

Pieced Ball or Cube Ornament | Remodelaholic

These ball and cube ornaments are a classic. Put together a few for the Christmas tree, or a few to adorn your mantel. So easy to make in whatever holiday colors you choose!

Embroidered Paper Stars | Home Sweet Homemade

This is a great paper decoration to have older kiddos help with. Even younger kids could help with the threading, so long as you don’t mind some creative expression! The twine adds a nice rustic touch, or ribbon or embroidery thread and a bit of glitter can give you a completely different look depending on the style you want. These could even be made with recycled cereal boxes for a mostly-free craft!

Paper Dahlia/Christmas Stars | Little Sundays

These Christmas stars may look complicated, but they’re not. A bright festive paper makes them even more stunning!

Accordion Bauble simple paper christmas decoration idea for an ornament at remodelaholic.com

Accordion Bauble | Remodelaholic

These simple baubles are great for hanging on the tree or filling a bowl or jar with. Just cut and glue! Another great paper craft for kids to help with. (PS: Torie Jane added coarse white glitter to the edges of hers and it looks just like snow! Beautiful!)

Nine Ladies Dancing Ballerina Ornaments | Remodelaholic

My girls both love dancing (to their own rhythm!) and twirling like ballerinas, so they’d be thrilled with a tree or garland full of these simply elegant ornaments.

Simple Christmas Flower made of paper for an easy paper Christmas decoration at Remodelaholic.com

Simple Christmas Flower | Remodelaholic

This is a simple paper craft for even young crafters just a simple loop of paper. Use two-toned (and sparkly!) paper to add depth and watch how pretty it looks as they twirl!

Folded Paper Dictionary Page Flower and other easy christmas decorations featured on Remodelaholic.com

Folded Paper Dictionary Page Flower | From Dahlias to Doxies

Of course, you don’t have to sacrifice an old book to make these flowers, consider a newspaper or junk mail, but it does look amazing! Tuck a few in the tree or into a pine bough swag or garland.

Criss-Cross Paper Ornament made from paper for an easy DIY Christmas decoration at Remodealholic.com

Criss-Cross Paper Ornament | Remodelaholic

These criss-cross ornaments are easy to make in practically any shape, and they look wonderful as they twirl on the tree.

Paper Towel Sparkel Ornaments

Paper Towel Roll Flowers | HGTV

The mighty paper towel (or toilet paper) roll makes for a super simple ornament for even the littlest fingers. Paint them in whatever colors fit your fancy, and you’re good to go! These would be fun gift toppers, as well.

Simple Modern Paper Strip Ornaments | Remodelaholic

The classic curved bell shape (like an onion, for lack of a more festive description) looks great made with paper strips. Changing the length of the strips gives you a larger or smaller curve, or fold in the middle for a diamond shape instead.

Five Golden Ring Star Ornaments made of paper for an easy Christmas decoration at Remodelaholic.com

Five Golden Ring Star Ornaments | Remodelaholic

Simple overlapping rectangles make this quick and easy ornament. And now I’ve got you singing the song that will be stuck in your head all season long!

Woven Paper Star ornament. An easy paper Christmas decoration at Remodelaholic.com

Woven Paper Star | Remodelaholic

The weaving looks tricky, but it all comes together so nicely. This is a great one for older grade school kids to perfect and then teach their friends!

Jumbo Curled Paper Snowflake | Tom Kat Studio

This technique of curling paper is called quilling, and it is easier than it looks and produces WOW results. Use smaller pieces of paper if you want to reduce the scale of these jumbo quilled snowflakes.

Easy Scalloped Christmas Ball Ornament made out of paper for an easy paper Christmas decoration at Remodelaholic.com

Easy Scalloped Christmas Ball Ornament | Remodelaholic

Okay, this one definitely requires a paper punch or fancy cutter. Unless you just feel like cutting out a bunch of tiny scalloped circles. Borrow one from a scrapbooking friend and get punching — the assembly on these Christmas balls is just quick layers!

The black and white patterns on these geometric ornaments add a modern-classic touch, or you can make them in any color you choose! Plus, these could get your kids extra credit in geometry. Maybe.

Puffy Folded Favor Box Ornament made from paper at Remodelaholic.com

Puffy Folded Favor Box Ornament | Remodelaholic

Make a dozen of these small boxes for a 12 Days of Christmas advent, or sneak the candy in and then let your kids discover it on Christmas morning! I show you how I made two different styles of boxes here.

Paper Pom Poms Christmas Decoration

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms | Thinly Spread

This simple tissue paper pom-pom is easy to make but has a big impact.  All you need is tissue paper used for gift bags and a sparkly pipe cleaner.  It will look great on a mantle or in a large tree if you are on a tight budget.

How to make Christmas Paper Garlands

Garlands are very festive anytime of year, but especially at Christmas. With some simple cute papers and techniques your home can be strung with festive Christmas garlands in every room.

Red Paper Snowflakes Garland paper Christmas decorations at Remodelaholic.com

Red Paper Snowflakes | How About Orange

Paper snowflakes are a true winter classic, from grade school on up. I love the pop of color and the Scandinavian style that these red ones have, though! (Why is the Scandinavian style especially beautiful in the winter? Love it!)

Santa's Sleigh and Reindeer Garland made of paper featured on Remodelaholic.com

Santa’s Sleigh and Reindeer Garland |Proper

If you have little ones eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival, this garland is sure to make their eyes light up! I love the simple classic style it adds to any mantel. And a little red bell for Rudolph’s nose? Adorable!

Mini Wrapped Present Garland made out of paper featured on Remodelaholic.com

Mini Wrapped Present Garland | Oh Happy Day

All you need to make this lovely festive garland is cardboard, string, and tissue paper. The tiny silver tree is optional but looks amazing!

Simple Modern Paper Holiday Garland featured on Remodelaholic.com

Simple Modern Paper Holiday Garland | Curbly

This garland goes together quickly with a circle paper punch (watch for a sale or use a coupon!) and a sewing machine. You could probably even make it no-sew by using fishing line and double-stick tape. Another great craft to do while you’re watching a holiday movie…. perhaps Miracle on 34th Street fits your fancy?

DIY Paper Poinsettias | Lia Griffith

Both gold and red poinsettias are so festive and just downright beautiful. Make a few paper ones of your own to put on your tree or mantel in a garland, or use one as a beautiful gift topper.

Simple Paper Christmas Tree Decorations

Trees are a fun part of Christmas decorating. Add these cute paper versions to a mantle, entryway table or a hutch.

Paper Trees For Christmas by A Girl and A Glue Gun featured on Remodelaholic.com Easy Paper Christmas Decorations

Wrapping Paper Cone Trees | A Girl and a Glue Gun

If you are anything like me I have tons of wrapping paper hanging around. Put the extra paper to good use by making a cute cone tree.

Origami Christmas Tree | Stephen’s Origami

This folded paper Christmas tree would look great next to any village! And it’s just the same shape repeated in smaller sizes up to the top of the tree, so once you’ve got the basic steps down, just keep folding until you’ve made a whole forest. How fun for a mantel or windowsill!

Christmas Tree Book Sculptures featured on Remodelaholic.com. Make your own Easy Paper Christmas Decorations too.

Christmas Tree Book Sculptures | The Sweetest Occasion

I love the simple classic look of this trio of reclaimed book Christmas trees. Get the template and get busy “sculpting” a whole forest in no time. They also look lovely hanging on the Christmas tree, of course.

Easy Paper Christmas Trees | Elle’s Studio

Wrap some scrapbook paper around a foam cone, decorate it, stick in a bamboo skewer, and use a small wooden spool for a tree stand. It really is that easy!

Folded Magazine Tree a great way to make a paper holiday decoration at Remodelaholic.com

Folded Magazine Tree | Remodelaholic

If you’ve never thought of using your junk mail to make holiday decor, think again! Just choose a sturdy magazine and start folding. If the multi-colored thing bothers you, a quick coat a spray paint never hurts! And if you have more junk mail to spare, try these colorful junk mail snowflakes from Michele Made Me to recycle it in style!

Wreaths, Snowflakes, and more out of paper

Wreaths out of paper can add a fun look to a mantle or door. And get creative with some old fashioned paper snowflakes and more.

Paper Leaf Holiday Wreath, an easy Christmas decoration created by Remodelaholic.com

Paper Leaf Holiday Wreath | Remodelaholic

Once you’ve got the leaves cut out, this wreath comes together in a snap! It’s a classic style that can stay up year-round, too, if you fall in love with it like I am prone to do 🙂

Paper Strip Sphere for an easy paper Christmas Decoration at Remodelaholic.com

Paper Strip Sphere Bauble | Remodelaholic

This simple paper baubles, ball ornament make great Christmas baubles.  It is held together with just a couple of brads. Remember those from elementary school? 🙂 See my version here, or you can also see how The Crafty Sisters used patterned paper for an awesome shuttered look or ScrapperGirl used photo strips to make it personal.

Toilet Paper Roll Tree Topper featured on Remodelaholic.com

Toilet Paper Roll Tree Topper | All Things Paper

Ah, the might toilet paper roll. So useful for so many things! The simple repeated petal shape makes it easy to make a beautiful symmetrical pattern like this tree topper. This would also make a great indoor wreath!

Folded Paper Lucky Stars | The Crafty Sisters

These simple folded paper stars are easy and making a whole bunch of them makes for a great effect in a bowl or jar (or in a clear ornament!) Pop in a holiday movie and start folding… It’s a Wonderful Life, anyone? or maybe A Charlie Brown Christmas?

Twisted Paper Snowflake or Diamond | Remodelaholic

Here’s another throwback paper craft! Do you remember making these in grade school? An oldie but a goodie, and shimmery paper makes them even more impressive.

Toilet Paper Roll Wreath | Childhood 101

This wreath isn’t as breath-taking as some, but your little helpers will love being able to do it with you! Add a simple garland across the middle and you are set. A fun holiday wreath your whole family can be proud of for just a few bucks and a bit of time? Priceless!

Paper Houses and Villages

I remember having a cute little village under my tree growing up, paper is a great alternative if you don’t want a breakable or heavy village.

A cute printable template for a paper house village and other paper Christmas decorations at Remodelaholic.com

DIY Paper Village | Saved By Love Creations

It’s always a let-down to have to take down ALL of the decorations after New Year’s, so I love having a few wintertime decorations that can stay up from December through January and even into February if I feel like it! Use this template to to create a classic winter village façade or outline that will be cheery for the whole winter. A battery-operated tea light or pillar candle set behind makes it come alive!

Paper Holiday Village Mobile | Brigitte

If you’ve always wanted a holiday village but don’t have the mantel space for one, this mobile is a great solution! (Or, you could do it my way and just build a mantel for the village….) The tutorial for this one is in German, but with the photos, diagrams, and Google Translate, it should be easy to get it done.

Printable Mini House Luminaries and other easy paper Christmas decoration ideas at Remodelaholic.com

Printable House Luminaries | A Piece of Rainbow for Remodelaholic

Print out this cute template and fold and glue for a cute little mini village of house luminaries.  If you find that yours are falling over easily just weigh them down with a bit of hot glue on the inside corners and place on wax paper til cooled.

For more Holiday Decoration inspiration, check out these:

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A simple way to give updated holiday decor to your home with a bunch of easy paper Christmas Decorations. 35+ Paper Christmas and Holiday Decorations via Remodelaholic.com

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