Paper Christmas Decorations; Day 8

….on the 8th day of Christmas my blog friends gave to me….

These are great little boxes, that could easily be a such a fun advent calendar.  They could be hung all over the tree, filled with treats for the kids make and then pull down each day!

Little Puffy Box
This box came from a Martha Easter craft.

I made some changes and so I am providing the template.  The dashed lines are fold lines. 
If you click on the image and save it you should be able to print it out for yourself.
First I cut out the template.  Then folded it along the fold lines.
Then simply fold the edges over the handle.  Fill with candy and fold the other side over.
If you are doing and advent calendar, add a number tag and tie a ribbon through the handle holes.  Done!
Dreidel like Box
This one reminds me a little of a dreidel.  but it has the pyramid on top as well.

Cut out the template, fold along fold lines, glue folded flaps together.  Then, embellish.
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I had a really helpful cutie-pie by my side for this project, and
I realized that she matched my ornament, so once I photographed it I gave it to her to destroy!

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