DIY 3D Paper Christmas Globes (Paper Christmas Decorations; Day 7)

….on the 7th day of Christmas my blog friend gave to me….

Accordion Ornaments

I learned a few things from making them, or in other words I did it the wrong way….  And I don’t have time to redo them.  Especially if you want me to finish the next few days of paper Christmas, so I will tell you where I think I messed up.

In order for these to work better, the circles need to be larger i.e. 3 inches around,
and you should not use card stock.

So blogger is being annoying… and it won’t type between the pictures.  I will have to try and fix it later.
For now, here are the basic steps,
1 Cut out circles, approx 10.
2. Fold them in half
3. Staple along fold
4. Put a dot of glue at the about a 1:00 o’clock on one the first circle and press the next circle to it.  Hold in place with a paper clip.
5. Now, put a dot of glue on the next circle at about 5:00 o’clock, and glue to next circle, and hold in place with a paper clip. (see images above hopefully they are pretty clear!)
6. Now repeat steps 4 and 5 til all pieces are glued to look just like this!
1. Cut out circles approx 10, (3″ diameter minimum, and no card stock!)
2. Fold circles in half, staple along the center fold. (I did this in two stacks, and stapled the ribbon in place, then I just glued the two stacks together.

3. Now you are ready to glue, for this one you alternate one center glue dot at 3:00 and two and 1:30 and 4:30 ish.  Does that make sense, it is literally late….  and my brain is gone!!  Hold with a paper clip.
4. When it is completely dry, remove paper clips, stretch out accordion and glue the two end pieces together.
5. And wa-la, pat yourself on the back cause you have another ornament to hang.
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